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"climate change" is so yesterday. new term ; “Global Climate Disruption”…
Quote:First there was “global warming.”

Then many researchers suggested “climate change” was a better term.

Now, White House science adviser John Holdren is renewing his call for a new nomenclature to describe the end result of dumping vast quantities of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into Earth’s atmosphere: “global climate disruption.”

“I’ve always thought that the phrase ‘global warming’ was something of a misnomer because it suggests that the phenomenon is something that is uniform around the world, that it’s all about temperature, and that it’s gradual,” Holdren said yesterday at the annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy in Washington, D.C. (AAAS publishes ScienceInsider.) “What could be wrong with that?”

Instead, he said, “we should call it ‘global climate disruption.’ Although the rising average global surface temperature is an indicator of the degree of disruption that we have imposed on the global climate system, what’s actually happening involves changes in circulation patterns, changes in precipitation patterns, and changes in extremes. And those are very different in different places.”
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...because we know that climate couldn't possibly change all by itself.....Dodgy
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RugerGirl;142780 Wrote:...because we know that climate couldn't possibly change all by itself.....Dodgy

Hell no, the earth never changes without anthropogenic interruption. Those damn dinosaurs are dead because of the cars they drove, the last glacial period was caused by an abundance of freon being released into the atmosphere during the Pleistocene epoch, and it's hotter during the summer because of Al Gore's electricity consumption. Big Grin
Don't forget that it's colder in the winter because the earth is warming up.
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All weather is due to a sympathetic effect in our atmosphere of the sun's own "atmosphere." Contradict me all you want, thousands of years from now I will be proven correct
ColdBlueSteel;143161 Wrote:Don't forget that it's colder in the winter because the earth is warming up.

Is it really warmer in the summer than it is down south.

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Those who make things happen,
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And those who wonder what happened.
Australians can't see the Big Dipper because of Climate Disruption. Dodgy
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