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CNN's Gigapixel Photo of Trump's Inauguration
Make no doubt about it...the place was packed!!

[Image: ROCKET_SIG_AR15_LOGO_zps2cb17223.png]

I found Waldo.

[Image: TqNlgf.png]
I was there, too. It's pretty impressive to feel reverberation off one's chest of a million people, chanting in unison, to "LOCK HER UP!", and "DRAIN THE SWAMP!" Although the media was quick to point out the rain that came, just as Trump took to the podium, they failed to point out the sun that simultaneously appeared, both disappearing at the last period of his last sentence. I was looking for the rainbow, as a sign from God.

Also noteworthy, was the fact that it was Trump's Day. Very few protestors were posted outside Union Station, and they were extremely quiet. Holding their filthy signs, in their filthy puny hands, as hulking men roamed about with T-shirts that read, "Hillary for Prison - 2016!"

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