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Colion Noir on Open Carry
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Right to bear arms, not to be a dickhead. Very true.
"looking for attention"???? Can't be true, right? Shrug
Dave, proudly annoying members of since Sep 2012.
No Colin, the right to be a dickhead might be covered under the 1st Amendment, not the 2nd. He could have thought this through a little better so he didn't come of as a Bloomburg minion.

I mean seriously, is this a thing now? I'm all about the normalization of carry, and open carry in particular. Not many folks do it, and that makes me about as radical as you can get. I usually try to present as your average respectable adult who also just happens to carry. No tacticool apparel, no camo, no thigh holster, and iI have never open carried (or concealed) a long gun as I go about my day. Just a 1911 in a leather holster at 3:00.

You know what these "dickheads" do for me? They make me look good. Any average citizen who has experienced a visit to Starbucks when 3 guys are carrying slung ARs is suddenly thrilled to see me and my little pistol. In a similar vein, I think the gay lifestyle has become more acceptable when viewed in comparison to the outlandish, flamboyant, over-the-top peacocks parading through San Francisco in a gay pride parade. A lot of folks are greatly relieved to discover that gays are not like that all the time. The parades make the rest look good.

Think about it Colin. Are these folks really dickheads, or are they simply playing out a strategy you don't understand, and they're just a couple steps ahead of you.

The other role these so-called dickheads serve is to draw out the problem cops and DAs. Without having any statistics at hand, many of these folks are creating scenarios that ultimately pave the road clear for people llike me. I started OCing in December 2008, and I am quite clear that I have never had a negative encounter because otherswent before me and cleared a path.

So show a little respect Colin. Some of these dickheads are actually pretty clever, they know exactly what their doing, and they possess a set of brass testicles youwill never iknow. I believe Colin has a job with the NRA and a successful YouTube channel because of these folks.

My .02, /rant.
“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

William Pitt
Another great video that everybody should watch.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Big surprise that the latest NRA mouth piece is pretending to be OK with OC and not giving up your rights while saying if you OC you should expect to do just that.

Just like other emotional responses being labeled a dickhead is subjective. Sure would be nice if everyone OC'ed respectfully by some imaginary standard. Rolleyes
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
Not open carry related but another great video from Mr. ColionNoir.
refusing to yield to unreasonable searches and seizures for merely asserting your rights is not being a dickhead.

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