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College shooting and Obama
So Obama is calling for gun control just hours after the community college a completely unarmed college. He is disgusting.

I would like to know who the shooter was and why he was specifically shooting Christians in the head.

Likely the teachers saw the gunman but thought he was just carrying a clock.
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This is the shooter:

Hover over the picture on the top right, read the caption.
streaker69;169372 Wrote:This is the shooter:

Hover over the picture on the top right, read the caption.

I don't get it. I don't know anything about the IRA.
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Eh, worrying about what obozo has to say?

[Image: 259zpj8.jpg]
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Well he keeps trying to find the one dramatic event that takes control of guns. The last one got rid of confederate flags. But tonight he got up and pretty clearly demanded gun control.

It's a definite concern.
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RugerGirl;169376 Wrote:Well they keep trying to use the one dramatic event that takes control of guns. The last one got rid of confederate flags. But tonight he got up and pretty clearly demanded gun control.

It's a definite concern.

I fixed that for you. Wink

It's right out of the script. School shooting -- Obama calls for gun control -- people don't buy it yet -- lather, rinse, repeat.

Too bad it's not more obvious to more people that many of these events occur in areas that already have tight gun control.
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Interesting that the last shooter was racist.

This one is supposedly a conservative republican, although he hated organized religion. Somebody mentioned racism too but nothing to back that up.

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October 2, 2015
Full contact info at end

Obama's Impassioned Mass-Murder Speech Includes Error

Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

The President's impassioned Oregon speech, moving as it was, missed a key point that could lead to real progress on this terrible issue of mass murder.

The 16 black Americans shot and murdered in ghettos that same day, and the day before, tragically got no news coverage.

This is stunning, unmentioned -- and those lives matter.

That black-lives gunfire atrocity is repeated, daily. And will remain true tomorrow when another 16 are murdered, but get no "coverage" -- 6,000 per year.

The "Graph of Death" Mr. Obama asked for is already available here:
(with gut-wrenching explanation)

By focusing on an isolated "newsworthy" tragedy in one place, Mr. Obama unknowingly obscures the real issue, and does indeed politicize it -- as he forthrightly admitted.

NOTE: Every action of this Oregon murderer is already 100% illegal -- legal scholars know the call for new laws is superfluous and disingenuous. It is a political agenda that weakens support and the true effort to solve the problem.

The President made a repeated and critical mistake: New laws affecting all Americans will not affect the lone psychotics who commit these atrocities --

The medical community stands as the greatest obstacle in getting to the psychotics.

And the biggest ignored issue of all is: The existing background checks have stopped two million people from buying guns because they are known criminals or mentally unfit -- and they are simply turned loose on the streets.

We have their names and addresses -- and our government just sets them free, right after they try to buy guns.*

Mr. President, do something about that if you're really serious.

Don't try to pass something else, that you know and admit Congress and the public will resist. Act now.

If you want more common-sense solutions, call me.

Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman
Author of ten books on gun law

Alan Korwin, Publisher
Bloomfield Press
"We publish the gun laws."
4848 E. Cactus, #505-440
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
602-996-4020 Phone
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1-800-707-4020 Orders
Get our full-color catalog free, right now--
Call, write, fax or click for a free full-color catalog by mail

"Don't be a spectator in the struggle to preserve freedom."

*It's not completely clear that all two million people are actually guilty of anything, since their rights are denied but they are not brought to trial, indicted, convicted of anything, confronted by their accusers or even notified of what they are charged with, but these are separate issues. Certainly, seeking another background check system as the President requests, at great expense, before doing something with the background check we already have working, is a poor allocation of scarce funds and limited police resources. The news media should be aware of these things and bring these points out. Bloomfield Press has white papers and experts available that address these topics.
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I've been avoiding talking about the Oregon thing, because...well, because I really don't give a shit.

Oh, some sick motherfucker decided to go to a college campus and start shooting people? I am Alex's complete lack of surprise. I am also Alex's complete lack of giving a fuck.

Why don't I give a fuck? Well, for starters: the school wasn't a gun free zone. Let's get that out of the way. Oregon's laws are such that college campuses, the state run ones I believe, can't ban people who are licensed to carry a gun from carrying one on campus. They can bar them from certain buildings, but the grounds are legal. So, someone on campus could've been proactive, and taken some responsibility for their own life. Looks like no one did.

I carry everyday, everywhere, and ignore signs on doors designating it as a GFZ. Why? Because fuck you, that's why. I paid good money to see The Avengers, and paid twice the price of admission for this fucking popcorn, and you don't have the decency to have any goddamned security? Go fuck yourself, here's my 1911. I'm spending money on Christmas presents in your mall, like thousands of others, while you make millions, and your over/underweight security guards are armed with flashlights? Go fuck yourself, I have this gun and some extra mags. I can't....I won't depend on anyone else to defend me, my girl, my kids. I'm not gonna find some quiet corner to go pray in, while waiting for some psycho to come and ask me if I'm religious before he executes me. Go fuck yourself.

I also don't give a fuck because: no one calling for action actually gives a single fuck about any of those victims. Not your Pussypansycunt-In-Chief Obama, not his political lackeys, not his media lapdogs, none of them. They will never remember their names, or shed a single tear. The victims are just useful talking points to them.

This goes for the pro-gun side, as well. "This is because of gun free zones/gun control/Obama/Islam/liberals!"

No, its not, you fucking idiots. It's about some narcissistic fucktool who killed people. Shut the fuck up. You're why I hate other "gun people".

So, yeah...some psycho just murdered a bunch of people for no good reason (and yes, I actually can think of good reasons to kill multiple people), so let's drag out all the old, tired bullshit arguments for more or less gun control, because we haven't heard any of THOSE lately.

I can't bring myself to feel too badly about a bunch of adults, living in a state with relatively decent gun laws, who got shot to death, when they didn't need to. Reportedly, the fucker gathered them up into a huddle, and had time to have a religious discussion with them before executing them. Not a single one of them thought to rush him? Not one decided to stand up for life? I don't like second guessing or Monday morning quarterbacking other people, or victim blaming, but...come the fuck on.

I did hear that one guy tried to rush the motherfucker. One guy, among all those people, stood up for life. An Army veteran, it seems, and he got shot multiple times. Good on you, sir. I hope you make it.

Would I have gone looking for the guy? Probably not. If I find myself a movie theater, or a school, or Walmart, during an active shooter scenario....fuck all a y'all. I carry this ugly hunk of metal to keep myself and my family safe; you should've done the same. You're not my responsibility.

That's the crux of it, really. None of those people who found themselves victims needed to be. That's why it's hard for me to drum up any empathy, sympathy, or anything for them.

Of course, people will blame the NRA, because reasons. Honestly, though, the NRA asked for it, with their, "Errybody need a gun up in here!" bullshit. And it is bullshit. They're a lobby for the gun industry, nothing more; they give less fucks about the average citizen than I do. Their thing is to make sure gun factories stay open. Their credo that arming the populace will decrease crime is pure bullshit.

More guns doesn't equal less crime. All it will do is give those who find themselves in the position of being a victim, a fighting chance to not be one. But without the desire to live, without the willingness to stand up for life, to fight, and die for it, the gun is useless.

Oh, well...back to regularly scheduled programming of dank memes, Buzzfeed articles, and FB fuckery.

EDIT: The name of the one man who stood up is Chris Mintz. He's a single father, an Army veteran, and was heard telling people to run and save themselves, before telling the shooter, "You're not getting past me!" He was shot seven times, but got out if surgery, and is expected to make a full recovery. I nominate this dude for Total Bad Ass Motherfucker Of The Year, and to never say the name of the shooter, ever.
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The post by Alex sums it up very well, i am responsible for my safety and that of my family and no one else.
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