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College shooting and Obama
(10-04-2015, 05:08 PM)jahwarrior72 Wrote:
DeadEye;169412 Wrote:The generation before me took guns to school, as part of shooting clubs. They were the children of the WWII veterans who understood the need to defend oneself, and the value of good marksmanship. That is what started the NRA, it was a shooting club, promoting good etiquette among shooters. Along came Viet Nam, liberalism and socialism, having been all but suppressed during the Great War, due to unity of self preserving the union, it was spread about on college campuses by deep thinkers who allowed to avoid war on college deferments. After all, our society must preserve the smart ones and send the stupid kids off to war. The liberals even said it back then, give us two generations and we'll change the mindset of America, via the public school system. Here we are folks, two generations later. Want to fix the problem? It's not with the NRA, it's with the public school system. Fix the crap that they are feeding your children. Get rid of the teachers unions, tenured teachers and liberal college professors who couldn't find employment elsewhere if it were not for colleges and universities.

Hell has just frozen over. We actually agree on something. Ain't that some shit?

We all think older people finally think like us, the older we get.
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