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Colt: How important is a rollmark to you?
Was visiting with a friend last night...the guy is a pretty big collector and shooter, having about a dozen AR's. Half are "preban" era vintage colts, the other half are post 2004, with the LEO restricted rollmar..

The guy is getting ready to sell 3-4 of his restricted marked rifles in order to replace them with M4 marked rifles. Part of his rationale is that if there is ever a ban again the restricted marked lowers might cause him issues, the other part of it is he just wants some M4 carbine marked rifles....

Ive got 4 colts. all restricted marked, could really care less what the rollmark is..though truth be told I would like to have an M4 marked lower, but I don't loose sleep over it..
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I bought a Beretta Brigadier that was issued by the PSP a few years back and was laser etched with the PSP badge and said State Trooper. The mags said Law Enforcement Use Only. No fucks were given... lol I bought it because i thought it was nifty. How the PSP finds it's empty brass I will never know, because that thing would fling brass a good 13 yards behind and 8 yards to the right... lol

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If they passed a new ban it could only apply to new manufactured guns. It's not that hard to find out if it's new or old by the serial number. Take my Remington 870 Wingmaster. The serial number has no letters at the beginning of it. Even a few minutes of research shows that it's a pre '68 model. If a new ban were put into place, all companies like Colt would have to do would be to put an identifier like that to show it was made after the ban date.
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