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Columbine Massacre documentary
Leaving this here on this thread for anyone who wants to go back over what happened back in 1999, what was learned and what wasn't learned from that massacre.

One of the items that stuck out big time was school bullying. Both Harris and Klebold were subjected to a lot of it but Harris more so. As was said by students who knew Klebold and Harris, their massacre could have been stopped at many points. But it's also true that the massacre was kicked into motion by the actions of other students against Klebold and Harris, administrators not aware or willfully ignorant of bullying and what it can do to mentally-developing students and overarching expectation that most people "get over it". Sure, most do; others don't and commit suicide later on, and then there's Klebold and Harris who take their rage out in a maniacal fashion.

A question of medication in Harris and Harris having a more aggressive personality may have helped create the circuititious fatalism in him and his best friend.

Neither kids "snapped". They had made extensive video recordings of what they had planned to do and also posted triumphs of their pipe bomb making skills on web pages hosted by AOL.

They planned their attack for months. They were also both very close to graduation where their exposure to taunting and harassment from their fellow peers would finally be over.

Neither parents reacted at their kids behavior, but in a 911 call made by Wayne Harris (Eric's father), he contacted 911 on an inclination by himself that his son may be responsible for the shooting although he did not have details about what precisely was taking place inside the school. Mr. Harris may have been more acutely aware of Harris's condition and also his fatalism.

In home footage shot by Dylan Klebold in Eric's bedroom, Eric also showed off his skills at deflecting his home activity from his parents.

Harris himself had applied at a Marine Corps recruiting office but he was rejected due to a theft from vehicle that he and Klebold committed earlier (Harris was not made aware of his rejection--he had not yet received notice of it by the time the shootings happened).


I'm sure there's going to be some parallels drawn between Adam Lanza and the Columbine shooters, that all revolve around mental health. But they also should revolve around parenting and warning signs. Giving freedom to your children as high school juniors and seniors to not search their rooms, go through their things may be a thing of the past for some parents too afraid to "go there".

Where I live, the teens at this age seem to get into some pretty horrendous stuff. Ryan McManus for instance who murdered Shane Kelly in my neighborhood, possessed a firearm, had no problem getting high at his grandmother's house (where it was tolerated for a long time), liked posted about himself getting baked with his buddies on Facebook, and before he committed the robbery leading up to the murder, he had considered knocking over a gas station across from a police station just moments before the encounter. Although Ryan is a dumb kid who comes from a family that's well... I can't use any other words to describe it but white trash, the mass shooters tend to come from families that we would stereotype as "normal".

These serial killers are all very bright students (Klebold and Harris were both computer nuts), and family descriptions of Lanza point to a similar brightness in education.

Here's another disturbing article I just found on Gawker, written by an exasperated mom dealing with a very violent male child who is now entering puberty:

Society has to deal with those who are mentally handicapped. It has no other choice. To ignore the problem is to increase danger. The mentally-ill do have rights, but at which point to they end, and SHOULD they end at a shorter point than the rest of us?

Who gets to decide mental incapacitation? Is it subjective or objective? Are the people who make these decisions going to be inclined to abuse their position? How can that be prevented?

The woman who wrote "I am Adam Lanza's mother" indicates she has a son who clearly should not be allowed anywhere near firearms, and she of course has kept her household clear of them.

But what happens when her son turns 18 and she no longer can legally confine him to her custody as his caregiver? What then?

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