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Compact canister stove - 20# propane compatible?
While I've used the side burner on my propane grill during past extended power outages, overall it's too inefficient for a long term situation, and certainly not portable at all.

I'd like to pick up a portable canister stove for improved efficiency and portability, but have the option of fueling it with a 20# propane tank (if possible) during 'at-home' emergencies. I have yet to see a set-up that explicitly touts this possibility.

Right now, setting aside my propane tank wish, the JetBoil Joule is at the top of my list, though I'd entertain input on other models as well, if someone has relevant experience with them.
Get one of these...

[Image: 21939_2000x2000.jpg]

I thought this WAS a stove, before I knew it as a heater. Just turn the head 90° so the "grate/heat shield" faces up and presto. You've got a stove.

And a heater Smile

Used one of those for 2 years in the mountains on gas well jobs. It works great for small pans or pots but I wouldn't put any more than 2 or 3 quarts on the top without some modifications.
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
I think Coleman makes an adapter to connect those little stoves directly to a 0lb bottle.
streaker69;168944 Wrote:I think Coleman makes an adapter to connect those little stoves directly to a 0lb bottle.

I think you're right, but I'm not sure about the safety aspect, as not all compact stoves are listed as "multi-fuel" or propane compatible.

I guess I can get all the stuff and see if I can find someone else to try it out for me.Confused
I have a pair of LP Coleman 2 burner stoves, is that the kind you're talking about? I've used them on the 1lb bottles already, and I'm sure that if I could hook them up to my 20lb or 100lb bottles with the right adapters.
Like this:

[Image: 16k5ljm.png]
It depends whether it's a high pressure or low pressure stove, you
May have to get a regulator
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We used to drop one of these right on top of our existing electric range.

Like Streaker said, I believe you can get the 20# tank adapters

Well, there you go!
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