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Concealed-Carry Myths
Quote:Concealed-Carry Myths
Many new concealed-carry permit holders subscribe to a variety of myths that could have potentially deadly consequences. Here are five of the most common.

By Paul Markel (RSS)
December 15, 2011

It’s been said all the best stories begin with either “Once upon a time” or “There I was.” There are other tales that begin with “I was talking to my buddy and he said…” Over the years, I’ve developed a reflexive cringe from all the times I’ve heard someone begin a conversation with such verbiage.

If we are talking about venison recipes or the best way to get red wine stains out of your dress shirt, opinions vary and it’s not that big a deal if the advice doesn’t quite pan out. However, when we are talking about the most important activity you can undertake—protecting your life and the lives of your family members—bad advice can have dire consequences.
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I carry when I can. My employer won't let me, and I have to drive through the State of MD to get to work... These types of scenarios are more common than people think, unless you live in the middle of a large state and are self-employed.
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Texas tried to combat this with a drive to work law that forbids employers from confiscating legally-owned carry firearms in employee vehicles parked on employer-owned property, basically overriding personal property rights. A lot of companies were angry at that--some companies even thought they had the right to search employee vehicles parked on their property. TXans have to drive long distances frequently and the carjacking is the most likely scenario where you'll run into a problemo so this was a legitimate concern:

There's a weird exception for polling places (which in many areas are located in schools), but some polling stations are located in commercial property so that means if your job is also on the same property where the polling station is, you have to leave the gun at home on election day or park your car in a public street, which is VERY hard to do because TX is a big place and most parking is off-street even in the big cities.

That was a huge win in Texas because it basically zeroed out a lot of anti-gun shit in employer handbooks. Given the rate of gun ownership and the type of employer, it can literally mean large employee parking lots and garages have many guns inside the vehicles, but they're locked--employer can't confiscate or SWAT you for it and they also cannot fire you for it plus you don't have to tell them about it either.

We really need something similar to this in Pennsylvania. Can't take the gun into the building if employer doesn't want that, but you should at least have the right to keep yourself safe for the 1-2 hours a day your spend getting to/from work.
My employer won't even allow it on the property, although I work in DE. So, even if I broke it down to Federal transport, through the People's Republik, I can't even leave it in my own vehicle. They said if DE adopted TX like laws, I could. When I checked on the likelihood of that, through DE's office of the AG, Beau Biden was AG. Fat chance.
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