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Concealed Gun for Wife
My wife would like to find a carry weapon that she finds comfortable. She is faced with two challenges in finding the right one so I was hoping someone else might have some suggestions.

She has small hands and very little finger strength. She is very strong and athletic but God gave her delicate hands which look great but are weak. Strong triggers are a problem for her as are recoil and racking a difficult semi. For that reason, I was thinking a wheel gun. Someone else mentioned a Ruger SR22 with the idea that she can rack it, it's a .22, and no recoil. With a nasty HP round it might be better than her trying to handle a .38 or 9mm.

I'm open to suggestions. I know that Target World rents guns locally but my I get absolutely no enjoyment from their place and find them to be a pain so I'd rather not go that route in case someone is thinking of suggesting it. I'm sure I can borrow a few guns for her to try once I find some good possibilities.

Thanks in advance.
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Revolvers have heavy triggers, look at some of the single stack glocks and xd's. Also the s&w m&p pistols are nice.
You could always buy a Glock 19 and then buy a 3.5 lbs trigger and reduced power recoil spring. If go that route, then just make sure she trains a lot to get use to that lighter trigger pull (I have the 3.5 lbs trigger on my G19 and love it!). Also the reduced power recoil spring will make it easier for her to rack the slide, but she will feel more recoil when she shoots it. Below are links for the 3.5 lbs trigger and for a reduced power recoil spring. Hope this helps.

1) 3.5 lbs trigger
2) Recoil Rod and Spring
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Baretta U22 NEO. Should be perfect for her hands, easy to rack, and around $300 new. Plus it looks intimidating
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My suggestion would be to take her to a gun store/range and let her try out the guns there. Who knows, she might find a grip/trigger combination that surprises you.

For starters, I would look at the compact or smaller polymer semi-autos. They tend to have smaller grips and lighter trigger pulls. I would steer away from revolvers due to the heavy trigger pull, but again, if she finds a revolver she likes, she likes it and she's the one that will be shooting it (right?).
headcase;11153 Wrote:Baretta U22 NEO. Should be perfect for her hands, easy to rack, and around $300 new. Plus it looks intimidating

Beretta also makes Bobcat/Tomcats. (Some used to be 950s but now are the Bobcat) The calibers are sub par, but better than nothing. The guns are highly concealable and easy to shoot.

Caliber: .22lr, .25, .32

They are semi-autos and racking is not required as they have tip-up barrels where you can manually put 'one in the pipe'. This feature is great for people who have trouble racking slides or have a disability such as arthritis. Thus, semi-autos can still be an option.

I happen to have the older 950s in .22 short. I carry it more as my wheel guns are quite large. The Beretta fits in a shirt pocket. I use it for cheaper plinking but its deep cover ability and lightness means I will carry it more often. I sometimes get lazy about my large wheel guns so I would otherwise have nothing at all. I do carry both at times. The Beretta is to be used to continue noise production while I reload the revolver.

This could just be a bug for her. If I had the money, I would get another in .32, though for regular carry and leave the .22 short for practice.

Also, the Walther PPK or PPKs are nice guns. They are usually .380 but I have seen in .22lr. The rack on .22lr version is not bad. The mags are single stack so the mag well / grip is smaller for smaller hands. I have not shot the .380 version so can only speak regarding the .22lr. These do not have tip-up barrels, however.

Good luck; have her try various models and calibers when possible.

ETA = The tip-up barrel is spring loaded and easy to manipulate. The round will fly out unless you ride the barrel up with your off hand finger/thumb. This makes it easy to check the pipe and makes it non-firing. Then you can drop the mag and ride the hammer forward safely. I think this is good for people who are not mechanically inclined or are not used to semis and the possibility there is still one in the pipe.
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My wife wasn't able to rack a full size pistol either. But I got her a KAHR CW9 and she could rack it. I think it is because it is such a thin pistol.

She liked the double action trigger. Again, she was able to pull it without a lot of trouble. And liked the security of the longer trigger pull since she wasn't as likely to squeeze the trigger in a moment of panic without thinking about it.

It is a thin pistol and very easy to carry and very lightweight. Go to a gun shop and let her try one out.
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I'm a big fan of the Ruger LC9... Small, thin, lightweight, and shoots nice... Got it for Mrs. Chaz, but I carry it on days I don't wanna carry the 1911...

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Here's a tip for all you guys to give to your ladies. Yes women have "weaker" hands so we can't pull the slide back like you do. I have learned to hold to slide with my left hand (palm facing the rear sight) and push the frame forward. This way I'm not trying to pull anything, pushing is easier. You just have to make sure where your muzzle is pointed and that it's not pointed at the person standing next to you.
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I'm not a huge fan of .22s for self defense but believe something is better than nothing. With that said, I have a Walther p22 you can let her try out. It's very easy to rack the slide. PM me if interested, and we'll meet up soon.
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