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Concealed Gun for Wife
BioHazard74D;18029 Wrote:I didn't see anyone suggest the Sig P238. After much trial and error looking at different guns with/for my wife, she decided on the P238. I know its a little pricey but I think its the best shooting .380 out there. Its a single action, so a light trigger pull, and if you cock the hammer first there is very little resistance when racking the slide. It also doesnt beat you up when you shoot like so many other small guns, and yes I've owned a keltec PF9 and P32, and have shot friend's LCPs and LC9s.

Just my $.02
Thanks for the suggestion. We'll check it out too.
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Alright, I'm going to chime in.

Delicate hands? Small hands? Weak hands? Me too, and I've had surgery on both my hands. Talk about leaving your hands weak, you have no idea.

Sure I had trouble with my 38 snub, but I practiced and practiced. I had a bit of trouble with my semi racking the slide, but I practiced and practiced. Your life can one day depend it on it.

The secret to combating the weakness, is therapy, therapy means practice.

I have no trouble with my 38 and I prefer not to pull the hammer back while practicing. Why? Therapy.

Besides practicing with my strong side, I've also practiced with my 38, and my semi, weak side. Because you never know.

I'm all for getting the gun you're comfortable with and fits your hands well however, I'm not condoning getting a gun with a hair trigger and a diminished caliber because of weak hands.

Don't want weak hands? Practice! Shoot em' all! You'll be pretty surprised what you can handle. Stop using weakness as an excuse.

Sorry, just my old woman rant. Undecided
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S&W shield 9mm, easy to rack the slide, not to heavy of a trigger, doesn't kick that much it's thin and conceals well.

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