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confused about delaware
Going to the beach in a few days, and I was looking at Delaware firearms laws. No reciprocity between DE and PA for concealed carry, but open carry is legal without a license like PA.

The questions I have are: #1 does the open carry cover non-residents? #2 is possessing a firearm in a residence (as in for home defense) legal for on residents?

This is the first time going to a non reciprocal state since I started carrying several years ago. Guess I need to go for a Utah license.
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As I understand it 1) yes, and 2) yes.

There are two cities that I believe have laws against unlicensed carry, so you'll have to look that up and avoid those areas.
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According to my uncle who lives in Delaware (and don't take this as law), you can carry in a vehicle if you put the gun on the dash, as to make it plainly visible. However I don't think that is in the least bit safe, considering that it will be sliding around and become a projectile if you get in an accident.
Yeah, I'm still wading through their info. "Plainly visible" if in a vehicle, open carry legal with Wilmington/Dover exception, and get this... you can not carry concealed I your own residence without a license.

I see people recommending a cheapy holster that you can clip or velcro to the dash. This seems like a regulation Biden must have come up with.

So, it's OC and frequently unholstering weapons when transitioning to/from vehicles.


Looking at Utah info now...
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I dug into this quite a bit before our trip down there last month. The vehicle open carry is very sketchy. What bac0nfat says is correct and it is very important to note the "plainly visible" part. It is not plainly visible to an officer, it is plainly visible to your average Joe passersby who isn't looking for a firearm in your vehicle, and that is subject to the opinion of whatever officer may happen to stop you and how bad of a mood he is in. The consensus I found was either on the dash or in the passenger seat, and unholstered which is just plain scary. Holstered guns in the seat, or a interior mounted holster, holster wedged between seat and console, etc are all borderline and not guaranteed to get you through a traffic stop without trouble.

My AZ permit didn't show up in time so I went unarmed. I did take a pistol to keep in the house with us but it stayed locked up. My AZ permit showed up two days after we got back Sad
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EDIT: Also, consider asking your question on the forums at Delaware Open Carry...

There are some really good folks over there, and they won't steer you wrong.
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