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Congressional races
I have seen almost nothing reported on the national congressional races.

Anyone have any overall polling data handy? I am interested how the numbers are looking. I expect pretty significant R gains in this cycle.
have heard nothing... i just love that locally I have only seen one commercial from Bob Casey trying to attack Tom Smith for forming a "Tea Party" group.... meanwhile Tom has no less than 6 different commercials.

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There are Bob Casey commercials on in Philly constantly, and lots of Smith commercials too.

I am really trying to find out what the overall national polls are looking like as to who will control the houses after the smoke clears in Nov. But i've seen almost nothing reported on it.
I dont like my choices here in the PA 8th so I will not be voting for either candidate. Fitzpatrick voted for NDAA and against taking out the indefinite detention clause.
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A very recent Muhlenburg poll has Smith just 2 points behind:

But, if you look at the make-up of the polled group, it shows Dems 47% Repubs 42% and Independents 10%. So they over-sampled Dems, no surprise. There's no way Dems are coming out in larger numbers than Repubs. Data is here:

I think this proves that Smith is currently ahead by at least 3% which is of course hugely important.
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Republicans will probably hold onto the House but lose a few seats.

Republicans will probably pick up a couple of Senate seats.
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