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Connecticut throws 'assault weapon' registration party, (almost) nobody comes
Quote:At the beginning of the year, this column noted sadly that some Connecticut gun owners had spent the waning days of 2013 "rushing," "scrambling," and enduring long lines in the bitter cold, to register their so-called "assault weapons" and "high capacity" magazines (defined by gun ban zealots as having a capacity of 11 or more rounds), in compliance with the state law requiring their registration by the end of the year.

With the numbers now available, however, it becomes apparent that many of us--and perhaps all of the forcible citizen disarmament jihadists in the Connecticut government--underestimated the state's gun owners' spirit of defiance, and perhaps by an enormous margin.

The number of guns and magazines registered was so paltry, in fact, that state lawmakers are trying to spin the situation as a case of willing registrants trying to register on time, but failing to do so, because the post office closed at noon on New Year's Eve, thus causing them to be late.

Rather than admit (perhaps even to themselves) that tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands?) of Connecticut gun owners have chosen to defy their power, willing to become felons in the process

with estimates of hundreds of thousands, perhaps as many as half a million or more, firearms that would qualify as "assault weapons" under Connecticut's newly expanded definition of the term-

-suggests a 90% non-compliance rate with the registration.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
First. I doubt many people that own guns even had a clue they were supposed to. Most gun owners don't pay attention to the news or the government. Simply they are normal people that just want to get up in the morning shit, shower, and shave. Have a cup of coffee. Eat breakfast, kiss the wife and kids goodbye if applicable. Try not to yell when sitting in traffic. Get to work (if they still have a job), try to get through the day without having to deal with certain morons and assholes at work. come home and kiss the kids get some dinner then shit shower and shave again. Watch some tv and maybe have some sex with the wife and then repeat the process. They don't watch the news because they don't have the time. They don't care about "registering" anything because they don't have the time and they don't suspect the police are going to come and get their stuff. Most of them aren't interested in protesting they just don't care. Now that the time past even if they knew they won't do it for fear of getting in trouble.

Never fear, I'm here with my crystal ball. In a few months Connecticut will offer an amnesty period and some more will register. They will rinse and repeat maybe two more times after that. More and more will register. Eventually this will, life the NY SAFE law, end up infront of SCOTUS. If we're lucky SCOTUS won't change or if it does so will do so for the better, and SCOTUS will strike this and the Colorado and NY SAFE law down, along with a host of violations by wash d.c. and Chicago.. At that point all will be moot. The blow-back from these laws will end up being a huge win for us all, that is dependent on one thing... SCOTUS. We need a candidate that will be pro-gun in the white house. Now if only the republicans will run one or if we just vote one in, regardless of party affiliation. I have about as much confidence in that as I do that obama will shut down the NSA...

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