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Conservative Republican Portman supports Gay marriage
JustinHEMI;88611 Wrote:
Camper;88609 Wrote:In reality, this is no different than Gabby Giffords shifting from pro 2 a to anti gun because she got shot.

Except in one case, someone almost died and is disfigured for life, and in the other case, no one is harmed.

I think I am missing your point, though. I don't see what you're saying, unless it is that people shouldn't change their minds?


Point is that a life changing event "happens" that causes an unsavory candidate to be worth another look, or vice versa, based upon the issues you find important.

It is the danger of voting single issue. And yes, I am essentially single issue when it comes to guns.

I do not fault people for changing their minds, but I question the whole "I now support X because I have now been directly affected."

To me, it is like railing against Social Security your whole life, and then the moment you begin to collect it you suddenly do not want anyone to touch it or make any changes to it.

IMHO, this is the least sincere form of "enlightenment".
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I don't disagree with that, then.

However, when it comes to human rights, I welcome any new supporters even if they joined in the least sincere, least enlightened manor.

Sort of like a bleeding heart liberal friend of mine, who was rabidly anti gun.., until I took him shooting, and he joined our cause.

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