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Consolidated PA firearms-related bill STATUS thread
Ok, just to be clear, I'm not going to be the one keeping track of the status of these bills, someone else is. I don't know who, but I figure that since I made the thread someone will take over. This is for people who just want to know the current status of pending legislation, not for discussion about the legislation itself.

These are the one's I'm aware of:

Just to repeat:
I'm not going to regularly update this thread, nor am I keeping track of the bill's themselves - that's up to you

This isn't for discussing the bills themselves, just for keeping track of their status

Tin foil doesn't do anything to stop them from reading your mind, and with that said, keep the "topsy jokes" out of it

With that said, the next post by someone should be the current status of each of these bills, and each subsequent post should be an update to that status. If it hasn't changed, don't post.
At if you join you can add any proposed law (State or Federal) to your watch list (gold star on the top right of page) and you will be notified if anything is updated.
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