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Cop pulls gun on McDonalds drive-thru customer
Paid leave, are you fucking kidding me?!

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. -- A police officer who was waiting in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's restaurant in Forsyth County is accused of pulling a gun on the customer ahead of him because the officer was angry at having to wait for his food.

The off-duty officer is Detective Sgt. Scott Biumi, 48, of the DeKalb County Police Department. Biumi is charged with felony aggravated assault on the customer. 11Alive News was not able to reach him for comment Wednesday night.
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20k bail, and administrative leave with pay. Yeah, he's being hurt by this one. NOT! Angry
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This will all be brushed under the rug. He will get a nice cushy desk job out of it.

Remember, the laws don't apply to them.
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He's ABOVE the law.
How dare that subject hold up His Highness? He's lucky he wasn't executed on the spot.

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Hey, those steroids make you hungry for your Big Mac RIGHT NOW!
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Adrenalin junkies are still junkies. He needed a fix.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
God's Country;96805 Wrote:Adrenalin junkies are still junkies. He needed a fix.

No, that guy needs to be fixed. Testosterone makes aggressive.
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If there was ever a case for a citizen to shoot a cop in self defense, this would be it. Too bad the kid was under age and not armed.
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Good thing that wasnt the line at Krispy Kreme or the kid would be dead!!! The poor excuse of a cop needs to be cell mates with Bubba ..
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