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Could the Electoral College Become a Thing of the Past?
streaker69;141422 Wrote:
RugerGirl;141421 Wrote:As far as population centers...well, logically speaking, it makes no sense to award the rural county with five people the same as a county of a million, the same vote. More people should equal more voting power. It is just unfortunate that the population centers are also liberals and ghettos easily swayed by promises. Voter ID and honest poll workers would at least help.

But why should the entire state's votes be awarded based upon the winning of a couple of large populations centers? If the state is going to go whichever way the majority of Philly, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh vote, then all the other counties lose. The current winner take all system is unfair to the lower population areas of the states. I'd rather see a fractional system be put in place.

I say we just send Philly over to NJ. That solves that.
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