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CourtWatch - Now Tracking Everyone Charged With Illegal Guns in Phila

I've been building a database of criminal court information to plot changes in crime/arrest patterns.

I've now turned my attention on VUFAs.

The whining from Northeast Philly residents isn't bullshitting. I now have data that shows the 15th Police District is No. 2 in the entire city where the most VUFA charges are filed on arrestees:
Could we PLEASE stop using the term "illegal gun"?

It's not helping - at all.
But putting the term in front of gun makes it more nefarious! Just like dropping "semi" in front of automatic or calling them "military style" rifles.

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Has anyone ever heard a news report of a person slamming an illegal car into a building as they try to evade police?

No? Why is that?

Because the car isn't "illegal" - it was STOLEN.
Emptymag;172719 Wrote:Could we PLEASE stop using the term "illegal gun"?

It's not helping - at all.

The SJWs and anti's see that term and it's so alluring to click on it. (It also fits nicely into a Bootstrap.js button along with the little pistol icon).

On the actual details screen you see the clinical version that describes what the data is showing; everyone being charged (in Phila) under 18 PS Chapter 61.

The trend is going down. Which leads to a mixture of new questions:

- Is it fewer people want to get caught with weapons charges and so don't have firearms on them they shouldn't have at time of arrest?
- Philly law enforcement is less concerned about firearms charges than, say, 2012?

I've noticed that having a VUFA basically guarantees your bail is going to be set above $100K, if it was commiserate with some other felony you were arrested for (like theft, robbery, burglary). Since it's a 10% deposit to get bailed out, that's $10K to get out of jail if you got weapons charges.

These numbers seem to me like the term "gun crisis" is a bit overblown. When a crisis is not getting worse but getting much better, how much of a crisis is it? The DA's office is reaching for gun charges 30% less often now than in 2012.
Thank you for the synopsis because I honestly tried reading the article, but I had to force myself, and I wasn't retaining much of what I was reading.

Probably just me though. Some sort of "ADD" thing most likely.
Arrests are dropping off like crazy in my PD (26th District).

They only arrested 3 people in the last three days.

There hasn't been a gun charge pickup in my part of Kensington for quite a while now.

The northern and western parts of Kensington are still a warzone, tho (25th). We're locked in a struggle with the police inspector who oversees the division and sometimes steals our cops and sends them to the badlands. When he takes too many of them away, junkies take notice and then the burglaries start to creep up.

Now that I'm watching what the DA's office is doing I can see the lull in activity--and now our neighbors are keeping track of when police cars disappear, or we start seeing our cars turn up far outside the district [PPD cars are numbered with the district they came from on the decal].

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