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Craigslist Murder
Veteran Turns to Craigslist to Try and Buy a Christmas Present — These Are the Two Men Cops Say Made It the Last Thing He Ever Did

Quote:National Guard Sergeant First Class Jim Vester from Indianapolis was killed last week while trying to complete a Craigslist transaction for an iPad that appears to have been a setup.
jim vester

Jim Vester was murdered after a Craigslist transaction for an iPad turned out to be a hoax. (Image source: WISH-TV)

Police were later able to apprehend suspects in the case through phone records and witness reports, but WISH-TV gives the eerie timeline of how Wednesday afternoon ended in tragedy for the child and wife Vester left behind:

Phone records show at 3:05 p.m., Vester texted “Can I get your address”

At 3:14, the suspects responded, “920 Wyckford Dr”

Then four minutes later, the suspects texted, “tell me wen your getting close so I can direct you.”

Then at 3:49pm Vester says, “are you here?”

The return text was immediate, “yes.”

Five minutes later Jim Vester was shot and killed.

I've done quite a few transactions via Craiglist, both buying and selling. I always go armed, and I stay away from the items that have been shown to be high risk items, namely electronics that are easily stolen and sought after for greatly discounted prices. I won't buy video games, GPS units, TV's and the like from CL mainly because of the risk of meeting unsavory types.
Ditto to always being armed. When possible I also try to meet in a heavily populated area away from where I live.
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If Obama sold stuff on craigslist...
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What a shame that the value of a life is no more than a couple hundred bucks. :-(
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This is why I am hesitant to buy or sell from Craigslist. I know it's rare, but I'll bet anything the guardsman said/thought the exact same thing.
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Just meet in a very public place. Being armed is not going to help one bit if a couple of guys have planned your demise and you willing go to them.
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I don't always buy stuff on craigslist. But when I do, I make sure to meet in a dark alleyway and wear nothing but a cock ring.
bac0nfat;128094 Wrote:I don't always buy stuff on craigslist. But when I do, I make sure to meet in a dark alleyway and wear nothing but a cock ring.

Cheerios aren't supposed to be cock ringsDodgy.....
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I've used it for buying furniture....I don't trust jewelry or electronics sales. Ebay better for that. Oh, got a car too.....but when you deal with people you can tell if they are cautious too. A good seller will want a busy neutral spot just like the buyer should.
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We. Just had a young couple arrested. The girl hooked up with a guy on cl. The guy was later cound stabed to death. Here it turns out that the girl and her new husband wanted to kill someone together.

I can post a link to the story later.
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