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cycling between different carry pistols
how many of you swap out your carry pistol due to season or whatever? are the pistols similar?

I sold my bersa thunder because swapping between that and my other carry gun at the time (sig p6), i'd draw and fire only to realise the safety was on.

now, I carry a walther p99 and a walther pps. the only real difference is going from da/sa to dao.
No me, for the very reason you stopped carrying the Bersa. I don't want to have to think about which gun I have if I needed it in an emergency. I want it to be second nature, pulling and firing.
There are 3 semi's that I carry--Beretta 92, Para 1911, and Bersa Thunder. All three of which have a manual safety, so the process is the same across the board. Not planned, just worked out that way.

The gun I carry that doesn't have a safety, is a S&W 642 airweight that I use as a pocket gun, but that is a revolver so it has an entirely different feel to and I do not expect I will get into any kind of confusion looking for a safety with it.
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Little Glock, Big Glock, Bigger Glock

No brain needed.
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Pocketprotector;94638 Wrote:Little Glock, Big Glock, Bigger Glock

No brain needed.

Redundancy x4 Wink
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I carry my DA/SA guns in DA. So always draw and shoot.

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If you have to cycle between guns you probably need to rethink where you store them, or you have an awesome big house.

Not counting my LCP when pocket carry is necessary, I carry either a G17 or 1911. I've given some thought to consistantly carrying the same gun, but at least it's only those two.
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I cycle between Glock, M&P and Sig. There is no rhyme or reason behind it other than being in the mood to carry something else for a change. Usually it comes after working with one particular pistol at the range frequently.

More often than not I go back to the Glock, and usually the 27. Everything else just starts to feel too heavy.
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Shodan;94648 Wrote:If you have to cycle between guns you probably need to rethink where you store them, or you have an awesome big house.

Why is that?

I prefer carrying larger pistols, but the weather doesn't always cooperate with me and since I don't like to OC, a smaller pistol is often the best I can run with.

And with all these new laws in different states, if you're cross-country carrying your daily gun might not be permitted anymore.
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I cycle between a full size XD and a KAHR CW9. Main reason is concealment. The Kahr is thinner and easier to conceal when I'm concerned about printing or the pistol being seen like at work, church, funerals... The full size is on my hip the other times.
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