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CZ 75 P-07
Just want to give a quick rundown on my thoughts on the P-07 series of firearms. First of all mine is a "A" prefix from 2009 since then CZ has made numerous improvements and other modifications to the series of firearms. This is a DA/SA Style firearm.

In Double Action this pistol sports a heavy but smooth trigger. It has a crisp break with little take-up and next to no slack in the pull. The Reset is out there away but it is both audible and tactile and next to impossible to miss.

In Single action it is a very light pull with a fair amount of pre-travel and a extremely short reset.

In both shooting operations the trigger is crisp and not spongy at all.

Overall I give the trigger a 9/10.

It is hard to argue with CZ's feel. Of all the pistols I have handled and shot none have even come close to comparing with the feel of this pistol.

As well as the contour this pistol features a very abrasive and aggressive finish that really grips your palm.

Both the Decocker and slide release are easy to manipulate without changing your grip.

I have difficulty manipulating the mag release but that is due more to my hands and short fingers.

Overall I give the grip and ergonomics a 9.5/10

The p-07/p-09 line of firearms come with the capabilities to swap the decocker for a manual safety and vise versa within 5 minutes. A nice feature if you would rather carry cocked and locked or hammer down.

Now I have noticed that this pistol does not always drop the mag completely. I do not know why it does this but occasionally it does. For me it is more of a nuisance as I usually dont drop the mags preffering to give them a more gentle deposit.

Also Mags for these are expensive. Looking at about 43$ a piece for either 15/16 round mags. Now you can grab p-09 mags for the same price and have 19+1 capacity or CZ 75b mags will work but are loose and wobble.

For misc stuff I give the pistol 7/10

I cant comment on this to much as I am far from a precision pistol shooter but this gun seems to put rounds almost on POA. I am sure this pistol will continue to surprise me in this regard as I grow as a shooter.

I'll give accuracy a 8/10

This is the biggest issue with it. The take down consists of using the corner of the mag or a screw driver to push the slide release out of the gun while lining the slide up with a mark on the frame. Not overly difficult but compared to most other pistols out there lacking.

Overall Ill give it a 7/10

As a whole I the gun gets a 8.1/10

As I get some more range time and experience Ill try and update this and if you have any questions feel free to ask and Ill answer to the best of my capabilities.

On another note for what these cost I will say they are every bit as nice if not nicer then the "high end" pistols (i.e. H&K, Sig)

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