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Daewoo DH40
How about this for strange, I hate Field and Stream and I don't like the 40S&W.
But, I won a $250 gift card and figured I wasn't really spending any money that hadn't already been spent so today after the Altoona show I stopped in and found this in the case:

[Image: i3dkqe.jpg]

Came with three mags total.
I had a DP51 9mm and loved the thing but had to sell it when divorce time came to help pay for the attorney.

How could I pass it up for $199?
Some people need to read this book:

I thought Daewoo made cars?
Own an SW-99, and my wife has a Springfield XD-40. I like 40's. Congratulations on the win!

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Daewoo dabbles in all kinds of things. Industrial equipment, electronics, etc.

Nice price! I hope it shoots as nice as well. Then it will be one hell of a buy!
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For those that do not know about these, they have a triple action firing system, it has the normal single/double action but with the hammer cocked, you simply push up on the hammer causing it to "fall", this now gives you a fist trigger pull in double action but with the approximate weight of the single action pull.

This should be a fine shooter like the DP51 was.
Some people need to read this book:

One more thing, if anyone is local and looking, I know F&S is really Dicks, and I normally wouldn't give them the time of day, but I passed up a 2 1/2" S&W 686+ used in their case for $481.00
If it had been a 4 or 6 I would have brought it home as well even with the stupid internal lock.
I think they totally missed that it was a 686+.
Some people need to read this book:


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