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Darrell Castle 2016
(08-17-2016, 09:41 PM)Mr_Gixxer Wrote:
DeadEye;174562 Wrote:Hillary has already declared that on day one she is going to institute the same assault weapons ban that Bill had in place.

And again I'll say, come and take it. I guess you'll be lining up to turn yours in? They can have mine when I run out of ammo thank you.

DeadEye;174562 Wrote:Between the Supreme Court, and a Republican held house and Senate, they will keep Trump in check.

Aaaand these same people won't be able to keep the Shillary in check either? That somehow we lose all ability to keep the government in check all because your boy Trump won't win?

I came in this world free, and I'll go out the same way, even if it kills me.

No, you can't contain Hillary, like you can Trump, because "evil knows no bounds". When you have a woman who will lie about four (4) dead Americans, lie about lying, and then call one of their mothers a liar, to cover her political backside, you've got a woman who will justify whatever means necessary to get whatever it is she wants. She'll make Obama's use of Executive Orders look like a choir boy.

In the meantime, how effective has your third party plan been? I'll make a prediction, no strike that. I'll just flat out state that it won't work.
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These threads always make me laugh.

Some no name running for office who doesn't have a strong campaign but you are supposed to vote for him.

Then the two major party people with the most connections in power, business, and influence who get back by the machine....

Maybe just maybe of the no name ran a great campaign and had the connections to make it they would win.

Same thing in getting a job, career, promotion.

There are a lot of things that need to happen for people to get elected.

Obviously since a lot of the nation can't think past their nose then that is the game which needs to be played.

Good luck getting the game to change to suit your needs.

We are headed there with the choices we have... but a third or fourth party needs to step up.

Good luck...
It would help if the general population had a memory longer than a gold fish. Something happens with someone, wait six months and the majority of people will have completely forgot about.

Great for politicians but horrible for the country.

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