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David Gregory gets pass on ammo law; vet got jail
That was a clever and well thought out retort from an obviously brilliant super genius.

I stand humbled before you. Smile

BTW: Gregory is guilty as hell, and he should be having his life destroyed right now also. But again, some animals are more equal than others.
The left really has their tit in a wringer over the matter concerning Mr. Gregory.

Either they shoot their wounded, or they spring him. Should they choose the latter, it'll be a blinding glimpse of the left's hypocrisy and a major propaganda coup for us.
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Mr. Brinkley was found not guilty on all firearms-related charges, including for the “high-capacity” magazines, and he was left with a $50 traffic ticket.

As a general rule the Secret Service removes threats (real or perceived) and then worries about legal technicalities. Agree or not, there is really no other way for them to certain jobs as defined.
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A lot more details to this story are here.
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So he didn't do nothing wrong ppl with authority power tripping...again Undecided

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