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DC proposes 24-hour waiting period on tattoos
This city is a fucking joke.

Quote:DC proposes 24-hour waiting period for tattoos

The days of waking up with a hangover and a mysterious tattoo may be numbered in Washington D.C., thanks to a new regulation being proposed by the city’s Department of Health.

The city's Department of Health proposed 65 pages of regulations for tattoo parlors on Friday. One states that a tattoo artist cannot apply a tattoo until at least 24 hours after a customer requests it. The language for body piercings is similar.

Should it be implemented, D.C. would be one of the few places in the country that imposes a waiting period on tattooing and piercing.

Local tattoo artist Paul Roe calls the proposal "ridiculous" and says it would hurt business.

"That's a classic case of a cosmetologist saying, 'Shouldn't those people think about their decision?'" Rowe told WAMU-FM.

The regulations would also prohibit the tattooing of anyone under the age of 18, require that the operators and artists be licensed, as well as outlining exactly what equipment can be used, and how to maintain it. Additionally, WAMU-FM reports that it would prohibit the tattooing or piercing of anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol, although many parlors already follow this unwritten rule.

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It's okay, they make up for it by allowing unquestioned abortions...and pay for em too!
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Fuck it, just go to Frederick and get a tattoo.
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Mr_Gixxer;117930 Wrote:Fuck it, just go to Frederick and get a tattoo.

Yup. There are tons of places outside DC to get inked. Take yer bizness elsewhere.

When did Bloomberg become mayor of DC?
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Looking to strangle, restrict and control a business so it struggles rather than flourishes? Release 65 pages of regulations! Smile
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I hate to say it but some people should consult the tattooist then go home and sleep on the idea. Get fake tattoo of the image to try it out.

Should the government get involved? Hell no.
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Trolls will be trolls. You know who you are.

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What's to stop people from tattooing themselves or doing their own piercings?

I've done my share of my own piercings.

Next they'll say it's self inflicted body mutilation and to save you from yourself they'll make it illegal to do these things. Heaven forbid you do anything to your own body, good thing that evil weed is illegal too! Oh, and what's to say you wont get 302'd for doing your own piercings or tattoos?
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I'm 46 and still trying to decide if I should get my first tattoo.Shrug

How would they know when the customer initially came in?
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Shodan;117963 Wrote:I'm 46 and still trying to decide if I should get my first tattoo.Shrug

How would they know when the customer initially came in?

They'll create a department that inspects log books that the shops will be required to keep. You come in, you'll be forced to scan your DL into their system that will time/date stamp an entry. Any tattoos given before the 24 hour waiting period will be met with a dog killing swat team raid.

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