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DCNR accountability in question
I realize that most of you won't care about this because it doesn't affect you because you don't ride a ATV or Snowmobile, but it should and it does. (in a roundabout way)
If you like to hike, X-country ski, mountain bike, snowshoe or do just about anything outdoors you need to thank some of the volunteers who get together and maintain these trails.

Please help support HB2047.
Quote:House Bill 2047 would direct the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to maintain separate ATV management and snowmobile management accounts to ensure an equitable distribution of those funds.

For what recreational vehicle owners pay in registration, trail permits & insurance we should be able to ride anywhere other than Highways without fear. It works in Europe. If you own a SXS you should be really pissed because even though you're registered and insured the DCNR provides zero-zip-nada opportunity for you to legally ride anywhere in this state because of the width of the vehicle. At least open up some fire roads or's ok to have fracking rigs and heavy truck running all over the forest but not me on my ATV!? They make you register even if you're just a farmer and you never intend on using "their" trails and with enough property to never want to use the trails. It's all about money and it pisses me off.

*update w/ map*
This link shows what the DCNR provides...and 3 of those trails are closed!
With the money they're making there should be trails in every county!

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