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Decisions, decisions...
I currently own a Bersa Thunder 380. It's a good gun, but I would like something with a bit more punch for CC, that is similar in size.

I like Sigs. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but I believe they are worth it. My mom just picked up a P239. It's only slightly larger than the Bersa, but it's chambered in 9mm (or 40 S&W, I'd go 9mm). Perfect - exactly what I am looking for. The Bersa is 7+1, the P239 is 8+1, so I get an extra round. I have also been looking at the P225 (P6), which is only slightly larger than the P239, but still a medium sized pistol.

Here is the conundrum:
Eventually (I hope in my lifetime), Sig is going to release the P224 - which is about the same size as the P239, but double stack (11+1). Being that I already have a medium sized pistol in the Bersa, and only really carry that in the warmer months, should I wait for the P224, or should I pick up a P239?
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Have you looked at the Sig P229 in 9mm? It's about the same size as the P225 but is double stack. I've handled them side by side and the grip on the P225 isn't that much narrower than the P229. Oh and the P6 variant of the P225 from German police trade ins have a heavier trigger pull than the regular P225.
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Get a Glock 19 and Ruger LCP. Between those two pistols, all of your carry needs will be met. Carry the Glock 19 most of the time, but when you need something more concealable, then carry the LCP.
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Ruger LCP/.380 is a great little weapon, but if you want a bit more punch at a reasonable cost, try the Ruger LC9...9mm, easily concealed.
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