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mingomom;138052 Wrote:Why is there a "delete" function at the top of the page in Full Edit if it's not set up to actually work?

Per your request the button has been removed by the site owner, Rocketfoot, can't say I personally ever noticed it before.

gascolator;138127 Wrote:I "get" the argument that "it junks up posts."

I regard it as expedient.

Unprincipled. But expedient.

Can't have both principle and expediency. That's kind of a fact of life.

Gun control is expedient.

The 2nd Amendment is principled.


Personally, I choose "junked up threads."

But I'm not all that expedient.

Wow, I honestly don't see the correlation between not being able to delete posts and gun control but you're certainly entitled to your opinion.

That said, the question in the OP has been addressed and this thread is no longer needed, but I think I'll just close it as opposed to deleting it. Whistling

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