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Dem Gun Ban Would Require Confiscation, Ban Most Pistols
The fact that this is even being thought about shows how determined these people are to disarm America. Thankfully the R's can stop this...for now. Dem Gun Ban Would Require Confiscation, Ban Most Pistols
By: Brian Sikma | November 06, 2015

Quote:A Democratic-proposed gun ban would prohibit some of the most highly-rated hunting rifles and shotguns, ban most pistols, and require Wisconsin residents who owned so-called “semiautomatic assault weapons” to turn their guns in to the government. State Rep. Lisa Subeck and three other Democratic state lawmakers are proposing a sweeping ban on rifles, shotguns and pistols they deem dangerous because they are “designed to kill large numbers of people quickly.”

Legislative attorneys – known as Legislative Counsel – confirmed to state Rep. Dave Craig ® that the loosely written ban does not contain a grandfather clause, meaning owners of prohibited weapons would need to turn them in or face felony charges for possessing an illegal weapon. “Continued possession of a firearm defined as an assault weapon would generally be illegal under the bill draft beginning the day after the date of publication of the enacted bill,” legislative attorney Larry A. Konopacki explained.

But Konopacki wasn’t the first to spot the troublesome lack of a grandfather clause. State Rep. Adam Jarchow ®, an attorney, also noticed that there was no exception for those who currently own a weapon that the legislation seeks to ban. Jarchow told Media Trackers on Thursday morning that, “on first reading there appears to be no grandfather clause.”

That’s a big problem for gun owners in Wisconsin because the way the draft legislation defines “semiautomatic assault rifle” (a term that’s somewhat redundant), dozens of different gun types would be banned. State Rep. Cody Horlacher ®, also an attorney, reviewed the proposal and told Media Trackers the definition of a banned rifle “is so broad, anything could fall into” it.
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The end game has always been confiscation. Since they haven't been able to go right for the end game, they keep chipping away at the edges as much as they can instead and hopefully get there in the long run.
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Seems like it doesn't do much good to have guns (in the long run) when they are all more or less registered. Undecided
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RugerGirl;170176 Wrote:Seems like it doesn't do much good to have guns (in the long run) when they are all more or less registered. Undecided

You'd still have the choice not to surrender them, but that's going to be an ugly decision to make.

It's easier to prevent ownership in the first place, but that's all water under the bridge. The only way to ban gun ownership with all these guns in our hands now is to come and take them.

Unless it's nationwide simultaneously, all eyes will be on the first venue to make it happen.
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