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Do you carry extra mags?
Yes, I carry extra mags.

Normally I carry a Glock 23 with a standard 13+1 mag
A 15 rd mag and a flashlight in a Remora double mag holder in my weak side front pocket
And if I'm wearing 5.11 pants (currently I prefer the Stryke style) I'll also carry a 22 rd mag in the left, outside mag pouch pocket

If I'm carrying my Glock 43 it's usually with a standard 6+1 mag
and 2 x 8 rd mags in the Remora with cotton balls stuffed in the bottom to make the base plates easier to grab, also carried in the weak side front pocket

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I have a leather double mag pouch on my belt for when I don't have a heavier coat on and in the summer.  In the winter, the coat has built in mag carriers and a holster in the breast pockets.
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(01-26-2017, 11:15 PM)Mr_Gixxer Wrote: Blue jeans have this awesome built in mag pouch I like to call pockets. Big Grin

P238 & LCP mags fit real nice into the fifth pocket.

[Image: SigP320.png]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
(01-28-2017, 03:59 PM)sgtsandman Wrote: I have a leather double mag pouch belt for when I don't have a heavier coat on and in the summer.  In the winter, the coat has built in mag carriers and a holster in the breast pockets.

I carry an extra mag but have never needed it.
(08-31-2017, 03:18 AM)MaynardM Wrote: I carry an extra mag but have never needed it.

Better to have it and not need than to need it and not have it, I've never needed a fire extinguisher either, but I have one in my Jeep and several in my home.
As a rule, two extra magazines carried weak side on the belt in separate magazine carriers when I carry a semi-auto.

 If a revolver is carried as my primary, a speed strip or two in pouches designed for the purpose carried at the waist on the belt and possibly a speed loader. 

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I have carried an extra mag several times recently. It was in a separate gun though and a different caliber.
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What's a magazine? [Image: 8ee0d70ed6943b68c6a9d1437356e9fd.jpg]

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(08-31-2017, 03:18 AM)MaynardM Wrote: I carry an extra mag but have never needed it, yet.  

Fixed it for ya!   Big Grin  

I always carry a total of 28 rounds for my EDC Glock Model 21:  12 in the gun, and 16 in an extra Arredondo magazine on the other side of my belt.  I've also got this interesting little story:  Years ago I was shooting at a gun range in Palmerton, PA where I decided to finish a long range session by firing my S&W Model 29 completely 'dry' — two cartridge boxes, the gun's cylinder, and two speed loader pouches on my belt.  

When I turned around there was a man standing behind me wearing a large shit-eating grin on his face.  I looked at him in surprise; he looked back at me with what appeared to be delight on his face and, then, he remarked, 'You went 'n shot her dry, didn't you!'  I looked back at him, distracted him for a moment by holding up the Model 29 with it open empty cylinder, and remarked, 'Oh, you mean this?' as I held my gun out for him to see.  His eyes sparkled; and his grin (Which I didn't think could get any larger) got even bigger and more expansive as he replied 'Yup!'  

With his attention focused on my empty Model 29 I slid my left hand behind my hip and very smoothly drew on him with my other S&W, a Model 59.  Then I said, 'The revolver in my right hand IS empty; but this, here, semi-auto in my left hand is ready-to-go!'  'So, why don't you tell me what kind of game we're playing?'  Wow!  I never saw anybody lose a shit-eating grin faster than that guy did.  (Apparently, he lost interest in 'the game', and didn't want to play anymore.)    

All the while this man was confronting me at this VERY isolated gun range, the fellow had kept his left hand tucked into his front pants pocket.  It wasn't until after I told him he was trespassing on club grounds and convinced him to leave that I saw a sudden flash of silver come out of his pocket, looked, and saw what I believed to be a Sterling 22 LR or 25 caliber pistol. He'd had his left hand on that little 'mouse gun' the entire time he was talking to me!  All that he lacked was an opportunity to use it!   Rolleyes

The point I would make is that a person can carry extra magazines (and/or an extra handgun) for many many years without needing to resort to them; however if and when that day ever does come, just like me, I'm sure you'll be very glad you thought ahead and had an additional safeguard on hand with which to protect yourself.  The purpose of carrying an extra magazine is, actually, twofold:  One reason is to keep additional ammo on hand; and the other (even more likely) reason is to protect against any sort of malfunction in the installed primary magazine.  

Oh, by the way, talk about life being ironic!  That morning as I left the house to go to Palmerton I was walking out the door with my range bag in hand.  It contained only my Model 29, and a couple of boxes of ammunition.  As I stepped out onto the patio I got an uneasy feeling, and (I swear!) I heard this 'little voice' say to me 'Go back into the house, and get another pistol.'  So I did!  

Now I've heard that 'little voice,' something like, 4 or 5 different times in my life; and, on the one and only occasion when I deliberately chose to ignore it, I intentionally walked into a building I was very clearly 'told' not to enter; and, a few moments later, I was very badly injured by someone whom I emphatically trusted and couldn't imagine might ever do harm to me!  (How's that for ironic?  That injury hurt; and, in retrospect, I really really should have listened.)  

Anyway, now that old age is finally upon me, I'd say it's always better to be safe than sorry!  The 'Good Book' says that it isn't even given to a man who is walking to guide his own steps.  Which tells me that too much self-confidence and/or a laissez faire attitude can get a person into trouble more times than not.  Wink
L'enfer c’est les autres, et les choses terribles qu'ils font!'  -  Jean-Paul Sartre  

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