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"Do you know who you are going to . . . oh"
Ward I think you were a little hard on the Beaver! Lollerz
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TheWolff;18609 Wrote:
AndrewG23;18560 Wrote:Thought I was the only one Big Grin now I don't feel so weird Big Grin

Ha! You had me going there!

LOL I thought I'd get some people on that one. Roflmao
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Damn why doesn't anyone cool knock on my door....the last two people to come to my door(besides deliveries) was the new neighbor to introduce himself and offer us free wifi. And the other one was a hot FBI chick....

I'll be on the look out for these goons to knock on my door....anyone ever answer their door wearing their underwear, combat boots, and a PASGT helmet with an AR slung across your back? Yeah I'm just waiting for Streaker to let us all know it's time.
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Well played sir. I really wish I was the neighbor watching. Last week I got a similar knock at the door. Luckily it wasn't this guy. When the lady asked me if knew who I was voting for, I immediately said Romney. Her respone, really?? With a frown she said thank you and left.
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Good work. I think there are some people you don't need to worry about being an ambassador to, sounds like this was one of them.
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Why don't these weenies ever come knocking on my door? I want to have fun like that too. Wink

Well played sir, I say well played!
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Connal;18305 Wrote:
streaker69;18300 Wrote:You weren't exactly a good ambassador were ya? Smile

That thought was in my mind the whole time. Trying to be cordial, and polite. But insulting me? On my own property? Lucky I didn't make him squeal like a piggy.
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I think you did well. Like you, I will be polite and cordial. I will even suck up being insulted in public. But I find the arrogance of being insulted on my own property by a complete stranger after telling him to leave more than enough to tip my meter from "polite" to "GTFO NOW!". In my opinion, insulting me on my own property is asking for a verbal lashing. If you don't want it, don't ask for it...

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