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Do you only have 1 EDC gun?
What I mean is do you guys only carry 1 particular gun either CC/OC.

I have about 8 that I choose from depending on how I dress or were I'm going.

Just getting you guys thoughts.
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I have my 1911 that I OC normally. If I am going somewhere that firearms are . . shall we say not well liked, I CC my pt140. If I am going somewhere that people down right think guns are evil, the LC9 goes in the pocket. And if I am going to be out in the woods, camping, getting muddy, and dirty. Normally the hi-point is on my hip.

The others I don't really carry very often.
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(09-13-2012, 10:42 PM)CPratt Wrote: What I mean is do you guys only carry 1 particular gun either CC/OC.

I have about 8 that I choose from depending on how I dress or were I'm going.

Just getting you guys thoughts.

I have several sidearms suitable for EDC, but 99% of the time, it's my custom Ruger LCP loaded with Buffalo Barnes Unleaded 80gr+P copper hollowpoints. I also carry 2 spare mags loaded with Buffalo Bore 100gr+P hard cast flat nose ammo (over 30" penetration in gel, lol).

[Image: Xmas2012105.jpg]

Iron night sights
Crimson trace laser
Heavy duty springs and frame pin
+1 mag/finger extension
P3AT carry/pocket clip
I used to* switch between a full size M&P 40 for CC/OC and either a kel-tec pf9 or kahr pm9 (whichever the wife doesn't want to carry) in the pocket.

*before I lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident Big Grin
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I have a few that I choose from, depending of "depth of concealment." Generally, I mostly carry my sig P229 dark elite for EDC..., CC or OC.

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I typically carry a Ruger SR40c 90% of the time I carry.  The other 10% of the time is a Ruger LCP.  I use to carry a glock 19, but I put too much money into it to get it taken off me if I had to shoot somebody in self-defense.  My glock 19 has now become my range gun and SHTF sidearm.
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I only carry my M&P40, and I OC 99.9% of the time.

But that's mainly because it's the only handgun I own.  If I did have a choice, however, I'd still probably only carry my M&P.

If I had to conceal carry, I'd probably just throw a loose shirt over it and use a good IWB holster.  It's not deep concealment, but it's covered and mostly out of sight where no one would notice it without having to look.

If I to go deep concealment, I'd probably get a Springfield XDs in .45.  I had the chance to try out my friend's and it recoiled surprisingly light for such a small and light gun, and I shot well with it.  I was being swayed towards the M&P Shield series, but the XDs' recoil in .45 was significantly less snappy and follow up shots were much easier.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
I switch back and forth between a Smith & Wesson 1911 and a Springfield XDM .45. As I conceal both, it's more about where I'm going to be, as opposed to worrying about any fashion sense.
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I had 3 different guns at one point, but I got into a bad financial situation and that couldn't continue so I sold two of them, so now I only have one, my Glock 23. But honestly, I always carried that as my EDC anyway once I got used to the weight, and I carried the other as a back-up piece. I'm happy with it being my EDC, and even if I did have other guns, I probably would stick with the Glock.
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90% of the time Ruger P95, usually OC.  Ruger LCP the times I need to CC.
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