Poll: Would you support legal carry on airline flights?
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Do you support airplane carry?
ArcticSplash;148509 Wrote:Most conflict on a plane results from the drunks who can't handle their liquor.

And Alec Baldwin

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I don't support it for anybody but me. Tongue
Dave, proudly annoying members of since Sep 2012.
When I was a kid growing up in a friend's Piper Comanche and flying all over creation like Sky King, we had a .22 survival rifle on board.
gascolator, proud to be a member of since Nov 2012.
gascolator;148520 Wrote:When I was a kid growing up in a friend's Piper Comanche and flying all over creation like Sky King, we had a .22 survival rifle on board.

When my father was a pilot he was REQUIRED to carry a pistol while flying his Cessna over Alaska. 500 magnum or 44 mag, can't remember what it was exactly.

Grizzlies are a mofo.
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Good radio story about how long the airlines resisted letting this shit happen...
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
streaker69;148487 Wrote:
Emoticon;148485 Wrote:I would love to read the nasty letter Hawaiian airlines sent Discovery for blowing up one of their retired planes on TV.

Hawaiian Airlines had a major fuselage failure a few years ago where a large section of the top of the plane ripped off. One of the flight attendants was sucked out of the plane and lost. The plane made a successful landing, which is incredible.

It was found during the investigation that it was caused by stress of the constant compression/decompression of the flights. If you've never been to hawaii, the inter-island planes are treated very much like a city bus. First come/fist serve seating and lots and lots of flights daily. So the planes there see more cycles than regular flights. Something to think about if you ever visit.

They made a movie about that too:

I've been there before, to the big island. Hawaii is just like Florida with a big mountain and lava. I happened to be living in Florida at the time and all I could think almost the whole time I was there was "if someone blindfolded me and turned me loose here I would imagine I hadn't gone anywhere".

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The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
I have to vote no...I would be for air marshals and armed pilots....basically in such a confined place thousands of feet in the air, that's plenty IMO.
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i voted yes, i will always vote yes when the law expands our area for carry. you just couldnt fly into most of the northeast, nj,md and cali of course. then again i didnt misplace anything there so i dont have to return. and Streaker...hawaii would be out too
"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"

goofin, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
I'd probably be be fine with airliner carry - especially with the likely license/training requirements. But I just don't see it happening.

I do want to be able to carry my f'n pocket knife ...
-JD-, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.

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