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Does a Mid Length use the same buffer has a Carbine?
I switched out one of my carbines for a mid length do I need a different buffer?
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I used a carbine buffer in a mid length build and it cycled 100%. YMMV
Other variables such as ammo (hot vs mild) and gas port size will affect cycling too....

....but unless the gun has cycling issues I wouldn't change it. Buffers are pretty cheap though if you need to slow or speed up the bolt.
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Echoing what's already been said, not likely to be a problem. Test it out, if it cycles, keep it. If you normally shoot the high pressure stuff I'd say almost for certain that you will not have any problems.
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Heaviest buffer that will reliably cycle the weakest ammo you run. ive had good luck with h2 in a 16" mid, h in 14.5" pretty soft shooting. experiment till you find what it likes, with an h3 and a standard carbine buffer you can make any weight by mixing/matching internal weights.
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