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DOJ Claims International Treaties Trump The U.S. Constitution…
Quote:Justice Department attorneys are advancing an argument at the Supreme Court that could allow the government to invoke international treaties as a legal basis for policies such as gun control that conflict with the U.S. Constitution, according to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Their argument is that a law implementing an international treaty signed by the U.S. allows the federal government to prosecute a criminal case that would normally be handled by state or local authorities.

That is a dangerous argument, according to Cruz.

“The Constitution created a limited federal government with only specific enumerated powers,” Cruz told the Washington Examiner prior to giving a speech on the issue today at the Heritage Foundation.

“The Supreme Court should not interpret the treaty power in a manner that undermines this bedrock protection of individual liberty,” Cruz said.

In his speech, Cruz said the Justice Department is arguing “an absurd proposition” that “could be used as a backdoor way to undermine” Second Amendment rights, among other things.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Im just gonna leave this here:
[Image: Boiling_Frogs.jpg]
[Image: incubi+INK.jpg]. ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN no diff
Dark times are indeed upon us. Angry
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
"As I lay rubber down the street I pray for traction I can keep, but if I spin and begin to slide, please dear God, protect my sweet ride."
The brains aren't going to paint the walls themselves.

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