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"Domestic Terrorist" Schuyler Barbeau
Good thing we got this dangerous criminal off the streets!

With the push to make the "no fly list" a prohibiting factor for constitutionally guaranteed birth rights prepare to see more of this.
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From the video description...
Quote:Published on Dec 8, 2015
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Schuyler Barbeau)! THEN JASON PATRICK ARRESTED TRYING TO FILM COURT DATE! PLEAE CALL THEM AND EXPRESS YOUR CONCERNS! HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD! Case No. MJ1500542 Current Booking#215033291 Seattle Washington! King county jail 206-296-0100
US district court 206-370-8400
US marshals 206-370-8600
206-870-5700 His Public Defender is Dennis Carroll (206) 553-1100. His Birth-date July 20, 1986
As many of you know , on December 6th 2015 , Patriot and Marine Schuyler Barbeau and fellow patriot Allen Anek, both of Washington, were on their way back to Allen's Ranch, where Schuyler had been staying , they were traveling on their way to the coast to retrieve a rescued war dog. After picking up the dog , they started their return trip, on their way home, Schuyler got a text to meet a personal friend at a location along their route home near I-90 and highway 18 in Washington , which Schuyler agreed too. When they arrived at the meeting place, they saw the car that belonged to his friend, but could not locate their friend. Shortly there after they were both surrounded by Federal Agents (FBI). Requests for warrants were unsuccessful, and none was presented. The agents claimed that he was in unlawful possession of a firearm (An 80% lower Short Barreled Rifle SBR with no tax stamp). Schuyler was arrested and taken into custody and placed in the King county correctional facility , while being held for transfer to the U.S. Marshall's. No weapon of the such was recovered from the vehicle.
Allen was detained for over three hours. Allen Declined to allow the search of his vehicle but they conducted one anyway. Again, no warrant presented.
In the meantime, back home at Allen's Ranch, approximately 35 FBI agents and U.S. Marshals arrived and confronted Allen's wife, treating her roughly, she ended up handcuffed and thrown into the mud while they proceeded to flash bang the entire home ,breaking out windows, cutting locks and chains through out the 45 acre ranch. After an extensive search that produced nothing, they finally served the wife with the search warrant, which described that the search was for explosives. Again nothing was found at the residence.
After being released, Allen returned home to find broken windows, torn paneling off the walls, caved in door and a long list of other damage.
The court proceedings started at (Monday December 7th, 2:00pm ) at the US District Court in Seattle.
Several patriots from Washington and Oregon were present at the court during the proceeding, one of our own Patriots, Jason Patrick, was messaging his network and taking notes on his phone, which was permitted per the court room rules, when he was confronted and told he couldn't record the proceedings, he informed the agent that he wasn't recording, the agent insisted that he relinquish his phone, in which he declined to do. At which point several other agents joined the first and detained the patriot in handcuffs and confiscated his phone. Finally releasing him shortly thereafter and keeping his phone without his consent.
The attorney was informed that Allen's and his wife have had complaints filed against them for "hiding" evidence and obstructing justice although the warrant served on the ranch the day prior produced nothing.
A Detention hearing is scheduled for 10:00am next Monday the 14th. He could possibly released into Allen custody at that time.
We will support Schuyler and work for his release, but I ask that
His Public Defender is Dennis Carroll (206) 553-1100.
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I haven't been able to find a whole lot of talk about this online except for a few "right wing extremist arrested" forum posts and articles and pretty much the copied and pasted article from k5 news. I did find this though, I cannot verify the validity of these claims however so take it for what it's worth.


Quote:1. Served in the US Military as a Marine for 6 years, then in the Army National Guard until his Honorable Discharge 2 years ago. He was a demolitions expert. Stationed in Okinawa Japan for up to 3 years. He was moved up the ranks due to his high moral character, strong work ethics, and his ability to hold fast to his integrity.
2. Served as personal security detail to one Clive Bundy during the BLM standoff at the Bundy Ranch, near Bunkerville Nevada. Put his life at risk to protect Clive Bundy and his family from the BLM who were trying to confiscate their land, and cattle. (Many pictures show his time there).
3. Threats were made against Mr. Bundy’s life and his family, yet Schuyler, quite his great job at Boeing, went back to Nevada, to put his life at risk to protect Mr. Bundy from a tyrannical government violating the constitutional rights of someone he didn’t even know.
4. When the Oso Mudslide occurred March 22, 2014, Schuyler took time off from his job at Boeing to assist in the search and rescued stranded and missing persons buried in the slide debris. Very dangerous, but put his life at risk for people he didn’t even know.
5. Frustrated with the border problems and drug cartel members crossing the border and bleeding violence and drugs into our land and communities, Schuyler, by himself, and of his own volition went down to patrol the border in order to secure it from illegal aliens seeking to breech the border. He made contact with several teams of militia and teamed up with them to defend our country from these cartel and dangerous people seeking to gain illegal entrance.
6. Again in May this year, the BLM was bullying the owners of the Sugar Pine Mine in Southwest Oregon. Schuyler went to their defense amongst many other Patriots and Constitutionalists to protect and defend the rights of these individuals.
7. This year the corrupt local government in Anacortes WA was bullying Predators of the Heart, a non-profit organization that protects and provides sanctuary for exotic wildlife. Threats were made to the innocent animals under the care and direction of on Dave Coleburn. Schuyler contacted Mr. Coleburn who welcomed the relief of being protected.
8. Most recently Schuyler heard of the mistreatment and threats made to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Aenk who provide rehabilitation for discharged service dogs used in our military. Most of them arrive on the brink of death. The Aenks also have horses and run an adoption center for these animals. Schuyler has been providing protection and assistance with their operation.
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
USA vs Barbeau docket
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[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]

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