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Doylestown Rally March 30th!
The anti-gun/anti-second amendment group, Bucks Against Gun Violence, and other antigun groups will be holding a rally at the Doylestown County Courthouse on Saturday March 30th at Noon.

There will be the parents of gun murdered Corey Kesselman speaking, who was Killed by being shot in the back by a SHOTGUN after a drug situation gone bad. This will be an emotionally charged event and we must counter emotion with fact.

Please show up with signs like GUNS PROTECT WOMEN CHILDREN AND THE HELPLESS; CITIZENS USE GUNS 2 MILLION TIMES A YEAR FOR PROTECTION. GUN FREE ZONES KILL KIDS, etc. We will have some signs to hand out but please try to bring your own.

Please no aggressive signs, just positive pro-gun signs and wear paraphernalia that distinguishes you from THEM, like NRA logos, Freedom is not Free, etc.

There is no set meeting place, the gun control rally will likely happen in the courtyard. Look for others with pro-2A signs and those open carrying firearms and rally together- separate from the gun control crowd. Perhaps we can stand on a perimeter.
We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists. - Patrick Henry

Excellent rally! We had a great crowd that had signs, flags, and made their presence and views known. The anti's were crowded into a little outside entry area while we lined the sidewalks around them. The general public definitely knew why we were there. We got some honks of support as well. Lots of open carry and concealed carry. Probably 100% in fact. TV was there (NBC). We'll see how that gets edited and reported. I can't estimate crowds but I'd guess we had 150-200 of our people. There group was made up of some locals who walked in but the majority seemed to be the bused in Jerseyites.

Thanks to everyone who were there to support our rights. Good group of people!

Three people wanted to know where to get this flag that I carried.

[Image: navy-jack.jpg]

I got it on Amazon.
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They must think we're evil incarnate, showing up with our cocked-and locked pistols, "assault rifles", our stupid flags and low-brow signs, spewing support for an outdated document created by slave owners, heckling their common-sense solutions. They care so much; they just want to stop the violence. We don't care about more dead kids; we just want to play soldier with our scary black military death machines. I pity the carpool drivers from NJ, after so many of their riders no doubt wet their pants. I hope they were so scared and offended by us Neanderthals that they never come back, lol! Yesss
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