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Drug Dealer, Gun Collector, Bomb-maker, all in the same house in My Neighborhood
This was just a few blocks from my house:

KENSINGTON - March 14, 2013 (WPVI) -- Police found weapons and explosive devices inside a home in Philadelphia's Kensington section Thursday morning.

Philadelphia Police Narcotics Division served a search warrant on the home, located on the 2600 block of East Thompson Street, after they received information alleging that a 31-year-old man who lives there is a drug dealer.

When officers raided the home they found a lot more than drugs. Action News was there as police removed several guns, including assault rifles, from the home. Police tell us at least two pipe bombs were also confiscated during the raid.
The ATF and bomb squad responded to the scene. The bomb squad placed the pipe bombs into a container and transported them away to be investigated.

Marijuana plants were also removed from the home.

The 31-year-old alleged drug dealer was taken into custody. His identity has not been released.

One neighbor, Michael, tells Action News that he hardly ever sees the man who lives in the home, but he thought he was a nice enough guy. He shoveled his snow in the winter time.

When we asked him how he felt knowing there were explosives found in his neighbor's home, Michael responded by saying, "Not very secure. Not with my mortgage paid for. I don't want the place lifted off its foundation."
Every crazy guy like this makes it harder for "normal" people to own "assault" weapons.

LOL at the last quote from the neighbor.
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well, I think they should make bombs illegal. That will stop criminals from making them.
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Ten*K;88149 Wrote:well, I think they should make bombs illegal. That will stop criminals from making them.

I hope bombs are illegal since its illegal for my son to shoot a BB gun in our own yard,....
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This is why you should never build your bombs ahead of time and store them. Bombs should always be built on demand. Wink
Who said making bombs was illegal? If he wasn't in the business of making bombs for profit and he complied with the storage requirements what's the problem? Sure PA has laws regulating fireworks and there may be local ordinances he may be in violation of but making bombs for private use for fun and not transported or stored improperly isn't a federal crime.

Also, IANAL and this is my interpretation of the appropriate laws and shouldn't be taken as legal advice.
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streaker69;88160 Wrote:This is why you should never build your bombs ahead of time and store them. Bombs should always be built on demand. Wink

Too much MacGyver for you.....
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Heh I looked up the property records and deed for the house that was raided. Owner of the property is the dude who was picked up.

Personal information removed per forum rules - streak

He paid for his house in cash and he was living in a shitty apartment building in Fishtown right beforehand. Explains a lot.
I sure hope the authorities never find the pounds of potassium nitrate and pounds of sugar I have or the powdered aluminum and sulphur I buried near I95.

And dear God, I hope they don't find my titanium anode and switching power supply.

And I especially hope they never discover the e-matches and ball bearings.

*waits patiently for batfe to kick down door*

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