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Ebola in America
if I didn't know better I would think this is a terrorism attempt.

Quote:Little is known about the patient, including his name, age, and nationality. Officials say he lived and worked in Liberia, where he likely caught the disease from one of the thousands infected in that country, but showed no symptoms when he flew back to the U.S. Sept. 19. As a result, no one who traveled with him on that flight is at risk of Ebola.

It is not clear why he traveled to Dallas, where he has been in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital since Sunday. Federal officials told the Dallas Morning News he was visiting family members, while city officials told the paper that he had made a permanent move.
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Really? Nobody is concerned about this? How a guy lied about his exposure and came here and exposed TONS of people to a disease he very likely knew he had????

I'm not saying this was done on purpose, but if it wasn't, then he is still an extremely selfish person to want to do his own thing, not caring who is exposed and who this affects.

Another possible case in Washington, DC.

Is Obama playing his violin yet?
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Nope, not concerned. I'm more worried about getting my coffee grind correct for my new French press.

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No, I'm not too concerned. Let me explain why.

Ok, so Ebola festers and spreads in areas where:
1: People eat undercooked jungle meat
2: People eat and shit in the same place
3: People do not have basic sanitation
4: People do not have basic medical knowledge
5: People kiss the dying and dead bodies of relatives, or think the local shaman can cure you by giving you and your friends and family hugs.
6: People are actually backwards fucking savages who MURDER health officials and aide workers who try to help them.

Even the deepest darkest hollers in Appalachia are more civilized than that.

I am a little concerned for these reasons:
1: some of our leadership is far too casual and dismissive of outbreaks believed to be caused by people like those listed above
2: some of our leadership is so concerned with PC-ness that they wouldn't say anything negative about the people listed above if they were buried to their nostrils in infected waste.
3: the absolute last person I trust to make decisions about medicine and virology is a dumbass politician.

So, listen to the CDC, treat EVERYONE like they have a horrible disease if you must come into contact with any bodily fluids, wash your hands and keep them away from your face, and don't be one of the backwards savages like those listed in part one.
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Anyone travelling to and from a 3rd world shithole should be qurrentined. Honestly why are they even going there? I know Damn well we have snuff sick and homeless in this country if the dumbasses feel the need to help
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I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.... It's the only way to be sure.
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The guy who brought this here (if he survives) ought to be put in prison and charged with attempted murder for every person he comes in contact with that contracts this virus. He clearly knew he was exposed and had an extremely high likelihood of contracting the virus. It's pretty clear to me at least that if his intentions were not specifically nefarious that he came here because he knew his chances of surviving was better in an American hospital than a Liberian hospital and he didn't care who else he was putting at risk even his own family.

It's not panic time yet, but there is a lot to be concerned about here. When you have Ebola you hemorrhage and vomit bodily fluids EVERYWHERE. I was reading articles about this guy where he apparently had vomited in multiple places outside his apartment complex. Someone cleaned up the vomit obviously unknowingly, who? Nobody knows. Perhaps people stepped in it and then attempted to clean it off their shoes? All of these are possible routes this man could have infected other people. Add to that the fact that the more people that are infected in the shithole parts of Africa the chances of the virus mutating into a more virulent strain go up literally exponentially. The other problem is that it's latent period before symptoms show can be extremely long almost a month so people might think they're in the clear, but develop symptoms weeks after exposure. The more people who get it the higher the chances of a terrorist intentionally infecting themselves and then intentionally infecting others. It's pure insanity that we've not stopped flights to and from West Africa. It's insanity that we are exposing our own troops to the virus who are not trained to deal with Ebola specifically.

Beyond all this though, in all honesty if the CDC loses control do you really think it will be saying any different until lines start to form outside ER's and it can't be hidden from the public anymore? I'm not saying we currently have a massive outbreak here in the US, but if it did happen they would downplay it as long as possible to prevent people from panicking and keep healthcare staff from staying home out of fear for their own lives. We are also not equipped to handle this if it does spread/mutate and there is no pipeline for mass ZMapp production for months. Beyond this you have the ancillary consequences of an outbreak. You have people like Louis Farrakhan telling people that Ebola was a secret scheme cooked up by the white devils to kill black people like AIDS. If an outbreak does happen it will obviously spread through poorer neighborhoods much faster than rich neighborhoods and will seem to confirm the assertion made my the race hustlers like Farrakhan. Also if there is an outbreak and they get partial mass ZMapp production underway who decides who gets it first? How are they going to protect the places where it is dispersed? We are not at all prepared! In a large scale catastrophe it's often the people who do more damage to others than the agent itself during a period of lawlessness.

Like I said, it's not time to panic yet, but as someone who's family is closely associated with the healthcare industry and didn't get excited over Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SARS etc...This is one that we are personally watching closely. If it does begin to spread quickly we are prepared to stop working and stay home for an extended period of time.
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Thank you.

The attitude our government is taking toward this is extremely careless in my opinion. Flights should be cancelled from certain countries...obviously....but not for our politically correct Kool aid drinkers.

Obviously "have you been around sick people" isn't enough. 102nd reason to close the darn borders and tighten up inbound flights.
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Crickets because you wrapped the story in crazy wrap of terrorism and a dose of Obama hate for good measure.

Last year 600,000 Americans died of heart disease, just as a point of reference
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Dave;154389 Wrote:Crickets because you wrapped the story in crazy wrap of terrorism and a dose of Obama hate for good measure.

Last year 600,000 Americans died of heart disease, just as a point of reference

You have nothing to worry about of course Dave no doubt because we all know Ebola only infects Obama haters. Rolleyes Someone infecting themselves and travelling to the US is a real possibility especially now that we're hitting ISIS and they're wanting payback and they don't have any other way to hit us hard at our homes as well. There is literally nothing stopping anyone from leaving the US, travelling to West Africa, and flying back. You already have ISIS many members confirmed to be travelling from US->Syria and back again. The only barrier is the $1000+ plane ticket. There are already upwards of 5,000 cases since this outbreak started it's not as if infected people would be hard to track down once you got there, plus I imagine they're willing to take any volunteer they can get to help get rid of the bodies. I'm not saying it's going to happen, nor that if it did happen it would trigger some kind of disease apocalypse, but with us hitting ISIS and the government refusing to secure our borders and stop flights it's possible at least a small outbreak could be triggered somewhere by someone intentionally infecting people. Yet that clearly plausible scenario is "crazy". I don't imagine you'll find too many other people on this forum happy about the fact that we're still not preventing people from flying in from Ebola hot zones.

It's amazing how short these Obama drone's attention spans are. They were telling us just last week that an Ebola infected person making it to the US was nigh on impossible. In spite of that here we are a week later with one confirmed case and several possible cases, plus another 14 I read at last count that are thought to possibly have been exposed to the guy in Dallas. It's a shame Ruger didn't start this post earlier, it would have been entertaining to watch you eat your words since you love to parrot whatever the talking heads happen to be saying, but that's ok there's still time for another chance. Dallas schools have shut down because of this, but they must be all crazy too.

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