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Edged weapons vs IIIA body armor
Figured you knife type fellows would find this interesting:

Vest is a 1993 manufacture Safariland IIIA with ballistic stab panels. No trauma plate installed for these tests:

Sorry for the crappy lighting and Philly accent. LOL...

Weapons tested:

*US M7 bayonet
*Cold Steel Warrior Series Katana 
*Native American throwing spear 

Conclusion: Stab panels really work, even vs full power sword thrusts with high quality weapons. (I am not sure what it's exact ballistic rating is, but the blunt force trauma/stab panel that comes in this vest can stop 180gr full power 10mm JHP all by itself)
Great review if you need ideas for another review a Pa state police officer told me a bow and arrow could defeat a good vest? True or false?
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I'd like to test it, but i don't have a bow or X-bow to try it out. I suspect that a IIIA with stab protection will probably stop an arrow, but i don't have any proof one way or another. I suspect that a IIIA without stab protection will probably not stop an arrow. But again, just my opinion based on the testing i've done.
I have an older compound Id like to see it tested some bows go 365 fps that I believe is faster than we could possibly thrust but Id like to test it as well but If I try it on my vest my company will charge me for the vest!!
The second amendment is my gun permit
If you can get to Philly, we can try it out.
Nice test. I like how you threw in the sword, too. I'm sure that the only reason you would have to make a thrusting attack with that sword is because all the other appendages were previously removed from the bad guy! Big Grin
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Haha!!! "To hell and back" was an understatement when you turned it around and we saw the other panel.
Here is some info on how the test is done in a lab.
[Image: image.php?type=sigpic&userid=2638&dateline=1255032341][Image: 180-180-allied-light.png]

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steelcityk9cop;16711 Wrote:Haha!!! "To hell and back" was an understatement when you turned it around and we saw the other panel.
LOL, yep, i blasted the hell out of that vest with 12ga 3" mag sabot slugs, .500 S&W, 5.7mm, 5.56mm, .45, 10mm, stopped almost all of it.

I'm thinking a bow and a fixed broadhead would penetrate. But the vest would have to have something in it, like a person was wearing it... Garbage bag full of modeling clay? lol

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