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Edged Weapons
Gerber ez out is a pretty good knife. I also like the spyderco delica and just got my first spring assisted Kershaw needs work.
The Hobbit;32759 Wrote:Great right up, the only thing I would like to see is some picture examples of the different tip styles/grinds. Besides that I enjoyed it and on another note love my kershaw shallot.

Here is a good resource on blade shapes and grinds, and a bunch of other stuff, pics included;
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billamj;34109 Wrote:The Lansky kits aren't bad. Not the best in the world but certainly not the worst.

I have a Lansky Knife Sharpening Kit that I bought at least 30 years ago. I finally broke one of the sharpening stones, so I got to order a new one. But I love this thing. It really is the best knife sharpening device I have ever used. And I have tried a lot of methods. It is fast, and it works.

And it is really a no brainer to use, and as was said earlier, keeping the same angle is the secret to getting a good edge on your knife. The Lansky does just that. I can put an edge on all my knives in short order with this thing. I don't even have to pay that much attention, I watch TV while sharpening my knives.

When I got my Cold Steel knife (about 20 years ago), I actually called them and asked about the Lansky and they told me which hole to use to get the best edge on my knife.

Just broke it out again two days ago, to resharpen my Cold Steel folder that still rides in my pocket daily. Sharp as a whistle again.
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