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eewww thats nasty
[Image: 763hkx.jpg]

So being out of real work some people have been bring me projects to work on. The few bucks helps.

Good old Sears model 20 from a flea market-
It was super nasty and I ended up taking the whole trigger group apart. The bad part was getting it together not something for the faint hearted.
[Image: KIMG0008_zpswxwc5ghh.jpg]
[Image: KIMG0009_zpszhhvaagg.jpg]
[Image: KIMG0011_zps2ypcgppq.jpg]
Then I got handed this poor bastard FN 1910
[Image: KIMG0012_zpsih6kunlu.jpg]
I guess all those Corrosion Control classes in the Navy were good for something. After I get a new firing pin spring I'll see if it even shoots.
[Image: KIMG0016_zpsrdjpzrnr.jpg]
[Image: KIMG0015_zpsl5oa549p.jpg]
[Image: lowsigjpg.jpg]
Holy crap.

The pistol that takes months to clean
Took me 2 days.
[Image: lowsigjpg.jpg]
Wow, why do people let them get that way? Shrug
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Forgot the follow up-
Well after R/R the firing pin spring, the pistol shot real nice.
[Image: lowsigjpg.jpg]
Wow! Great job salvaging that! The trigger group almost looks like new!
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That Sears Model 20 looks very Mossberg 500ish.
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
I had the same thought. Then again it's a 2 bar pump shotgun, how much difference can there be between models?
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