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Efoods direct.
I have enough water for 6 months. After six months, i will run out. I guess i'm not prepared?

I have canned in my house and car, and freeze dried in my back i do rely on a blend of the two. I'm just saying, in many many scenarios, canned food is very hard to beat.

The obvious drawback of canned food is in scenarios where you have to carry a lot of food. That's why my packs are all loaded with pakcets of instant oatmeal, water purification tablets....and plate armor inserts. Big Grin

[Image: DSCN0523.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0524.jpg]

Personally tested to give multi-hit 5.7x28mm 28gr OTM @ 2500+ fps protection at point blank range. Big Grin

How is this relevant? By using freezedried food, i saved the weight of the water in the canned food, freeing up the weight for that 9/16" thick ballistic fiberglass armored plate. How does an armored back pack help me?

Well, imagine going prone behind this. See my M&P 15-22 peeking out at you? Wink

[Image: DSCN0520.jpg]

By using freeze dried, it allows me to convert my pack into a portable level IIIA "plus" armored firing position. HUGE advantage: freeze this particular scenario.
No doubt that there are times when canned is hard to beat. I'm just saying that if you are relying on canned for moister your pissing into the proverbial wind.

Most canned foods have 30, 40 or higher percentages of the RDA for sodium. Granted that is for a full can but if you are eating on the run, a can of beans may be your entire meal. I just checked a can of vegetarian baked beans that we have each serving contains 16% of the RDA of sodium and there are 3.5 servings per can. Of course that is using it strictly as a side dish. If it were your whole meal you would eat the can by yourself, ingesting 56% of the RDA at that one meal and adding to the clear water that you will need to ingest. That is definitely something that one needs to keep in mind.

On another note, you need to share your design for your plate armor inserts. Wink
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No one is suggesting that freeze dried is the be all end all. If anyone has paid attention to this thread, it has been mentioned many times that it was only going to be used as a supplement.

The way I see it is that if you're relying only on freeze dried, you're fucking up. If you're relying only on canned, you're fucking up. If you're relying only on dried stored goods, you're fucking up.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all, and one should have a good mix to cover all scenarios.

I WILL be adding three months worth of freeze dried and/or dehydrated, and the water requirements will NOT be a "tremendous" burden on ME. I already have HUNDREDS of gallons of water on hand, 36 more for this food is nothing to me.

I already have a year+ of food and water on hand, I'm adding more in the way of something similar to these kits, fuck this company though.

Streaker put me onto a good source of 65 gallon food grade barrels..., of which I now have 4 and I'm getting 2 more this weekend. In addition to those, I have a few other water storage methods, as well as retrieval and restoring methods. I'll be good for quite a long time.

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Val makes a good point about the cans in canned goods having other uses, and billiam makes a good point about all the extra salt & sodium.

I think we're all in agreement that nobody is saying one thing is the end all be all, but I love picking it all apart and trying to see the flaws in all of it so that way we can think a little different, and come up with as many pros and cons to each of them and try to figure out what will work best for each of us, and then how we can account for any of the flaws each type of food/water solution might have to make overall improvements to what we're doing.
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