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Elk County Sheriff, (Election is in a few days)..
A write-in candidate can win, and there's always a chance that the write-in is the best candidate.
Give this some consideration:

Anyone in Elk county wanting information on a good choice for sheriff?
Have you heard of a gentleman by the name of Dale Ellis?
Dale is a good man and is definitely not anti-gun. (That shouldn't be the only issue you consider but it is important to us here on PA2a as well as the other Pa. Second Amendment related site that I'm familiar with).
I got to know Dale many years ago when he was a local police officer in my hometown and I was still a teenager. He, nor his fellow officers, ever had to arrest me and we did have a pretty good rapport between the citizens and local police.
I've recently learned via Facebook that Mr. Ellis is running as a write-in candidate for the position of Sheriff of Elk county. From my personal experience dealing with this man oh so many years ago I can tell you that he was a fair, honest and levelheaded cop, not a power hungry bully or someone on an ego trip. (We were lucky, our entire police force was a bunch of good guys so he was in good company while on the force before becoming the Chief Deputy). I moved away from Elk county more than 35 years ago so I don't have any recent experiences to relate here about Mr. Ellis, but I do know that I don't recall any of my friends or relatives who are living in the area talking bad about him. He's been in law enforcement a long time as a local LEO as well as a Deputy, (Chief Deputy for many of those years), so he does know the job), and knowing him as I did in days gone by, I believe he would be good for the position. I really don't know much about the other candidates so I can't speak for their strengths and weaknesses. I'll post a link to his Facebook page as well as copy and paste some of his Facebook posts (with his permission), for those of you who may be interested but don't have a Facebook account.

Full disclosure: I haven't seen Dale in almost 40 years and even then I didn't have a close friendly relationship with him. I did have a casual pleasant relationship with him and some of his fellow officers and reflecting back on those memories I can say that I do believe Mr. Ellis would be a very good person to elect for the job.

Quote:Your license to carry a firearm has expired, so you go to the Sheriff's Office, you say my license to carry has expired! they ask " Didn't you get a notice?" you say no I didn't. They say you should have. well State Law states they must notify you. Is this the type of service you want to keep ???"Write ins will count

Quote:I ask these questions. Would you like to know how to safely handle A firearm.How to safely store A firearm, How to protect yourself in your home? I started these classes when I was the Chief Deputy with Elk Co. Sheriff Office, They have been discontinued. If you would like to see them again please contact all your friends and anyone you know and write in Dale Ellis for Sheriff in November, I started these classes and will start them again if elected, also I am for the Individual and I know how to balance A checkbook and how to be Honest. 14 Yrs doing the job I believe I am qualified, I may need updates for the years I have been Retired but I am a Quick learner. If you want we can do it.

Quote:Well folks there is only a week left to tell your relatives and friends, do you want someone who will spend an hour telling you how busy they are and can not balance a checkbook but say they have done their job, or someone that is trying to impress you that they almost have a Masters degree in something not associated with law enforcement, or do you really want someone that was trained and did the job for 14 yrs. your decision . Write in votes do count and can make a big difference. What ever your decision is please Vote.

Quote:Ok Folks Next week is Election week and all of you must make a decision. Here is the facts. One Candidate says " I did my job But the (3) checkbooks do not balance, A lot of people did not receive their protection permit renewals as required by law, payments for Sheriff sales not received etc. and can take 30 min to tell you how busy they are. (How busy are they then??), The other candidate tells you how brilliant he is because he almost has a Masters degree in something not affiliated with Law Enforcement. also he bragged about being an officer in Fraternal Order Of Police and when he was in that position he said the Sheriff was NOT a Law enforcement Officer and could not belong (Now he wants to be Sheriff??).Now you , your family and friends must decide, do you want one of these Two or do you want someone that is Honest, for the best interest of the people, that has done the job for 14 yrs, and will continue to do for the people, also will reinstate the handgun and other educational programs for the people, if you would like a change for the better Write in Dale Ellis for Sheriff on Election Day. Thank You Very Much & God Bless All.
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