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Encounters with badguys?
Lets hear about your stories encountering 'bad guys' where you drew, or almost drew, or actually used a firearm.

Lets try to keep this serious, even though most of my threads are light-hearted.
The closest I ever came to drawing on someone was I just missed the subway and I was at the platform by myself. Some scumbag saw me, smiled, and kept looking around as he kept walking towards me (common sense and situational awareness' alarms were going off in my head, and it was blatantly obvious something bad was about to happen). I knew he was going to try to rob me or do something to that effect to me, so I pretended to yawn and stretch and "accidentally" flashed my holstered G19 that was under my shirt. I then gave him a dirty stare. Well, his smile disappeared, he greeted me from 10+ feet away, then turned around and went back up the steps. I hope that incident remains the closest I will ever have to come to using my sidearm.
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The less said on this topic the better, IMO.
A gun rack in a pick-up is not for holding guns. Its a place for women to hold on to. Smile
MrPeanut;105846 Wrote:The less said on this topic the better, IMO.

And why would you say that? People who haven't been in these situations can learn from others' experiences.
A few years ago someone tried to car jack me, i was at red light with cars in front and behind me, the guy kept pulling on the door handle and pounding on the passengers door window, it seemed like every word out of his mouth was, yo mutha fucker, i pulled my revolver and pointed it at him, he kept pounding and yelling, yo mutha fucker, it was when i cocked the hammer back that he got the message, and left rather quickly, this all took place in about 15 seconds, at the time it felt like hours to me, the light changed and i drove on, i did not make a police report as i did draw my gun, but i will tell you this, if he managed to get the door open or smash the window, i would have shot him, i was that ready.
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The only time so far was when I did NOT have my gun....I had ended up by myself at a train station in south Chicago....the only other person on the entire property was a black dude who kept staring at me and hanging around. I was waiting for a ride, but thankfully after I used the restroom (single, locked door) and came back out, my sister had pulled up in her vehicle....she saw him standing there too and was really glad she came when she did. No wonder the Chicago violence is so bad....they know very WELL nobody is allowed to carry out there.....
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My 2nd encounter was caught on tape...

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so, pp, you came home to a guy making a sandwich?
Well, I haven't shot anyone yet...I think.
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