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Encouraging Encounter
Nothing to to with OC or CC, though I was CC at the time.

Saturday afternoon my wife and I stopped for something to eat on the way to the mall. As we were sitting an older gentleman occupied the table next to ours. In a short while, he was joined by a woman and as it turns out his two school-aged grandkids, a boy and a girl. The girl he handed cash; to the boy he handed a book - Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia. That is something I didn't expect to see.

As we were getting to leave, I said to the boy, "that's a nice book you got there". So we started talking about shooting, firearms, gun control. The mother was cool and "got it". Obviously she wasn't afraid her kids would get shot up in school and was okay with her kids learning about firearms. We talked about training and how important it is for safety and how it prevents kids from having accidents and so on. Grandpa and mom believed in criminal control, not gun control.

With all that is going on at the moment, it was encouraging to meet people with genuine "common sense" when it comes to guns.
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