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Entertainment Writer Michael Cohen Thinks Celebrities Are More Imortant Than You
Quote:Alana Stewart: Hollywood honchos 'hypocritical' when it comes to guns

By Hollie McKay / Published January 30, 2013 /


But not everyone agrees with Stewart. Entertainment writer Michael Cohen pointed out that while it may seem hypocritical for Hollywood heavies to call for gun bans when they themselves employ armed guards, celebrities have bigger security risks than the average American.

“I don’t believe average Americans need to own a weapon for protection purposes. It’s too easy to use a gun out of fear or with snap judgment. But more importantly, as we witnessed by all these mass shooting,s is that guns somehow, someway get into the hands of the wrong people,” he said. “Celebrities are more at risk of being targets of violence because they are very much in the spotlight. Stalkers are common for celebs and it’s scary. However, instead of armed security, it’s about having a team that's proactive and not reactive. It’s better to have more security team members with a watchful and thoughtful eye than one guy and a gun.”

Read the Entire Article (I only posted the last section of it)

Michael Cohen can go fuck his pompous self. I guess he missed the part in the Bill of Rights where it mentions every man is created equal?
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Covered this 15 hours ago. Not your fault, Ive been home sick Big Grin

It got folded into another thread by mods:
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Spacemanvic;74032 Wrote:Covered this 15 hours ago. Not your fault, Ive been home sick Big Grin

It got folded into another thread by mods:

Ahhh, sorry. Feel better!
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