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Even if school carry became completely, undeniably legal...
Would those who were discovered and/or acknowledged they did so be banned?

Quote:Chambersburg Area School District administrators have banned a Chambersburg man from setting foot on district property after he allegedly brought a gun onto campus.

The district held a closed administrative hearing on Friday for Jay Lightfoot, Chambersburg. At the conclusion of that meeting, Lightfoot was banned from school property.

If you find this thread after the article has 'expired' online, I can provide a pdf of the entire thing if you'd like to read it. Just drop me a PM and provide an email addy.
Not if there was a law passed saying they couldn't be.

Besides, concealed means concealed.
Exactly. Concealed means concealed.
rmagill;72391 Wrote:Not if there was a law passed saying they couldn't be.

Besides, concealed means concealed.

I think we're a long way from that happening, but I think we're much closer to (positive) binding precedent on the "lawful purpose" question, which would then trigger the potential scenario I'm pondering.
Valorius;72395 Wrote:Exactly. Concealed means concealed.

But in the case the article surrounds, a mere "statement" from someone other than the accused was sufficient to trigger the ban.

It doesn't seem right that a lie could get the ball rolling on something like this.
You can be banned from public property?
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Normanvin;72408 Wrote:You can be banned from public property?

it happens quite often, actually.
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Quote:“You are prohibited from setting foot on school property any time in the future and until advised otherwise,” solicitor Jan Sulcove told Lightfoot today in the administration building’s lobby. “If you enter upon school district property, whether it’s this building or any other building, whether it’s for a public meeting or athletic event, you will be prosecuted.”

Quote:In addition to being banned, the district has charged Lightfoot with disorderly conduct following an alleged incident with district police last month at an athletic contest. He was asked to move out of a handicapped seating area. Piper has challenged the ruling, saying there is no marked handicapped seating in CASHS Field House. Lightfoot has a hearing about the December incident in mid-February.

So how's he supposed to attend THIS hearing?
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Do away with the public school system, make all schools private, and let them set any policies they want. Problem solved.
mrjam2jab;73965 Wrote:So how's he supposed to attend THIS hearing?

That hearing will be in a court of law.

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