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Everytown For Gun Safety, PA
As many of you know, a group of enterprising quick thinkers recently perpetrated an epic trolljob on Herr Bloomberg, and created a Facebook page using the name of Bloomberg's latest venture, Everytown For Gun Safety. It got thousands of hits, until sometime today, it was taken down by the Lords of Facebook, undoubtedly at Bloomberg's behest.

While this is unfortunate, there has been a number of state "chapters" who started their own pages. One of them, of course, is a PA page!

If youuse Facebook, please drop by, and "like" and "share" this page. Support gun safety in PA!

I'm one of the administrators, along with Christine Dalton (co-owner of and Mark Fiorino, who is known to you all. Drop by and say hi!
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Your link is fubar, try this one instead:
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Did they change it like they did others?

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